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The Gbiota Tribox enables virtually everyone, even if living in a flat with no gardening experience, to grow plants as pre and pro biotics.

This is important because they feed our gut brain, a combination of our gut and head brains, which act as our intelligent control system which automatically regulates our bodies.

It regulates behaviour from heart and breathing rates, temperature, and particularly appetites, how much we want to eat and how much and where we store fat in our bodies.

Fifty years ago people would be eating some plants grown in natural soil which would feed their gut brain. Our modern food system is highly productive providing large quantities of energy food and competitive prices but relies heavily on chemicals which destroy the natural microbes that live in the soil and enter our bodies via plants.

The Gbiota Tribox is very simple. The middle box is filled with organic waste, typically food waste but any organic waste can be used. Minerals and inoculants are added and the box sealed so there is no unpleasant smells.

After about eight weeks this will have decomposed to from a nutrient rich soil teaming with beneficial microbes. This soil is then used to grow the plants in the top box in the normal way.

Flushings are take from the bottom box and used to flush the root system in the top box. This flushing is a dark brown liquid full of nutrients and microbes.

Read about the Tribox at Tribox how to

Flushing is done on a regular basis so it is kept aerated and is never allowed to become stagnant.

We supply support to help you set up and maintain the Triboxes, you simply sign up to become a home grower which costs just $5Au per month. In Australia we can also supply the inoculant and mineral mix and seed packs.

This web contains many articles on food and health, so many it can be a bit confusing but below is a list of the key articles. You can access these for free using the user name and the password Goodbugs10! But we expect you to sign up when you become a grower.

Read about the Tribox at Tribox how to



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About us

Gbiota is a community benefit organisation. Our primary focus is the technology of how to grow plants as natural pre and pro biotics which feed our gut brain and reduce the current epidemic of chronic, or non infectious diseases - particularly diabetes with its...


The misinformation age We live in the misinformation age. Later I will take a general view of the damage caused by misinformation but let me start with a specific case - amputations from diabetes. Diabetes is important, it is the fasted growing disease of modern times...

Diabetes gut food project

Diabetes gut food project

We are experiencing a dramatic increase in diabetes. Fifty years ago just 1% of the population were diabetic but this has increased to 14% and is steadily increasing.

We think the fundamental reason is poor gut health. Our gut is not just another organ it contains trillions of cells which communicate with each other, like in a computer, to provide genuine intelligence. It controls our appetite and where and how much fat we store in our bodies.

Growing Gut food

Special announcement searching for new Ph. D student to work on health and the gut biome You can read latest newletter under new posts  (free) The new industry of growing natural pre and pro biotics Background We know that there are trillions of cells in our gut which...

Gut and diabetes

Gut and diabetes project

I have written this as a discussion document for the research team at CQUniversity in Bundaberg.
I think it important to stand back and give a total overview of this project so it is seen in perspective.
Back in time
Go back to the beginning of last century, people died, often young, predominantly from infectious diseases due to poor hygiene in general and in food production in particular.
We can get some feel of what it was like by looking at tribes in remote areas of the world who are still following traditional ways. A lot of kids died young but if they reached maturity they could expect to live a long life and be fit and healthy to the very end.


Dear Tom,
I have just had an interesting discussion with one of your support staff. I am sorry I was on my mobile and did not catch his name but the conversation did raise some critical questions.
I am not a politician and don’t talk the language so let me refer you to a most interesting analysis on modern politics ‘The Twilight of Democracy – The failure of politics and the parting of friends’ by Anne Applebaum.
She aims to analyse why democracies around the world are failing and we are moving to a system where autocratic and dictatorial regimes are expanding

Newsletter 19th June 23

Growing food to feed your gut brain
Colin Austin 19th June 23
Technology – benefiting the community
The difference between humans and the Dodo is that humans are a bit better at adapting to change. But since James Watt developed a functioning steam engine right up to the latest in artificial intelligence or quantum computing we seemed to have been a bit overwhelmed.

It would seem to me axiomatic that all those great advanced in technology should work for the benefit of humans overall rather than make a handful of mega corporations, and those who own or control them excessively rich.

Gbiota movement

Gbiota movement

I have been really struggling to get people to understand what the Gbiota movement is all about and have written up a number of drafts.  Rather than just bin them I thought it may interest some people on the thought process I have been going through.  We are really fighting a tough battle against mega corporations interested in power and money and at the other end scammers who think it fun to disrupt people actually trying to do something useful.

Fat Wrong

Fat Wrong

How we got fat wrong
Every eight seconds some sad soul has a limb amputated from diabetes. What makes this so terrible is that this largely avoidable if the latest medical thinking were widely applied.

Food waste

Food waste

‘I will just give these to the chickens.’ How can such a simple phrase lead to a major rethink of how we stay fit and healthy.

You see I was standing at Community Lifestyle Support’s nursery on one their market days when I heard that phrase and it really got me thinking about the supply system for fresh vegetables.


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