Membership levels

We offer several levels of membership.

The first level is free which allows access to most of the site so you can read
about the importance of feeding our gut-brain but does not include access to how to build Gbiota beds and boxes.

We have just introduced a new option of user posts, to make a user post you need to be registered and logged in.

This is an annual membership which needs renewing each year.

Join the Free membership here.


People who want to create their own gbiota boxes or beds there are two options.

You can join for $5 per month which is auto renewed.

Join the Monthly membership here.

Or you can join with an annual subscription of $40 this is not only cheaper but is not an automatic renewal as some people (like me) don’t like auto renewals on their credit card so each year you have to manually renew.

You do get a 20 day free trial period.

Join the Annual membership here

We also have a subscription for people in need, we are a community benefit organisation so people can have access to healthy food and not in business to make money but we do have significant costs which we would like (one day) to recover from subscriptions. We have set a membership of just $1 per year.

If you need help join here

We also have schemes for people who want to set up business supplying Gbiota boxes of Gbiota food. If you are interested is setting up your own business then contact me directly