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Out gut is part of the intelligent control system which regulates what and how much we want to eat.

mummyIn the past we had a very healthy gut-brain but died young from infectious diseases.

Modern food may be hygienic and full of energy food but does not feed our gut-brain so we get fat and sick from non-infectious diseases.

Now we know how to get a healthy gut without getting infectious diseases.

We just have to make it happen.  Only we the people can make it happen, we decide what we eat, not big business or the Government, it is up to us.

Microbes breed in the soil, enter the plants we eat and form part of our gut-brain which determines whether we are fit and healthy or get fat and sick – our choice.  It is not rocket sciencce.

We need to create a new industry of growing gut-brain food with local growers and consumers working together. Gbiota aim is to bring consumers and local growers  together by community action.

We train local growers (and skilled individuals) to breed the beneficial microbes that form our gut brain and supply their local community.

Whether you are a consumer who wants a healthy gut-brain or a potential grower sign up to our free membership and become part of the action. You will receive our Newsletter and learn about gut-brain health.

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Feed your gut bugs

Feed your gut bugs, they are your friends, your mates. They look after you, digest your food, house much of your immune system, and make all sorts of complex chemicals your body needs.

You provide a nice warm home for them but you do have to feed them. You would not have a dog, cat or bird and not feed them and they are pets, your gut bugs are your mates and look after you, you just have to feed them in return.

partyThey just need plants, eaten fresh and grown in living soil full of beneficial microbes and nutrients.

They like to party (and breed) with other bugs, it’s called biome diversity.

grumpyBut if you don’t feed them they get grumpy, just like a human mate would and they send out hormones that make food cravings so you overeat and get fat and sick, you may get diabetes and have a leg chopped off, die from a heart attack, or worst of all get dementia.

So feed your gut bugs, they are your mates, living creatures just like your human mates.


This website shows you how to grow gut food at home but if you are too busy or just can’t be bothered then go to your local farmer’s markets, preferably with a bunch of human mates, and find a local grower – just copy them on this web site and we will take it from there.

They will deliver Gbiota boxes to your door with plants already growing, all you have to do is water in the Gbiota way and pick and eat.

So simple, so inexpensive, less than buying ageing plants from a supermarket, just plants grown in living soil and eaten fresh before the good bugs die.

Why our gut-brain matters

Most people know that our gut is important for health – but do they know why?

Our gut-brain is the command centre for our bodies

gut brain connectionOur gut contains trillions of cells which communicate with each other – just like in a computer.

It is the intelligent control system which regulates our bodies, in particular how much and what we want to eat.

We don’t get fat and sick simply because we eat too much. We get fat and sick because our gut-brain senses deficiencies in our diet so decides it need to store more fat, send out hormones so we overeat, then we get fat and sick.

We can choose – do we want to live a long and healthy life, fit and active to the very end or do we want to get fat and sick and die young.

We must feed our gut-brain

gbiota boxesIf we want to be fit and healthy then we need to feed out gut brain so it works properly. This is not a total guarantee, our genetics play a part but if we don’t feed our gut-brain then the odds of living a long and healthy life are remote.

Gbiota™ is not a product you can buy at a chemist shop – it is a way of growing food – plants that contain the beneficial microbes and phytonutrients that your gut-brain needs to work properly and you intelligent control system. Gut-Brain Food.

If you have the space and gardening skill you can do it yourself but for most people, particularly those living in a flat you will need to buy Gbiota boxes with plants already growing from a local grower.

Put your name on the waiting list

First step is to register here with with your general location so you are on the waiting list. When there is a group we will look for a local grower in your area who can supply Gbiota boxes.

The wrong fat in the wrong place

Overweight, diabetes, heart attacks, and dementia all have a common underlying cause – the wrong fat in the wrong place.

This is not because we have turned into little piggies and overeat, it is because our modern chemical industrial food system is deficient in phyto-nutrients and beneficial microbes.

Our gut-brain, our intelligent control system that regulates our bodies, senses this deficiency and send out signals creating food cravings so we overeat and then we get fat and sick.

You can easily solve this by growing your own gut brain food, even if you live in a flat with no garden.

That is what this website is all about – we show you how.


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