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My Teddy

If you think everything in the world is fine then you are either a hermit or smoking some pretty strong stuff.

war in MyanmarThe heartless massacre of ordinary people by powerful militia and the possibility of World War 3 cannot go unnoticed.

Neither can the waves of hungry refugees moving across the globe looking for a safe place to live.

We could say that is just ‘The News’ but look at one of the wealthiest countries in the world, good old Australia. Homeless people sleeping under bridges because there are not enough houses while we have plenty of land while the builders who could build more houses are going bankrupt.

If that is not crazy I don’t know what is. Actually, I do – a food system which is making us fat and sick while we are a major food exporter.

One solution would be to take our teddies and hide under the blanket until mummy says it is safe to come out – but there is not a factory capable of making 8 billion teddies in time.

So who is going to save us? Could it be big business? Unlikely, big business has learned the trick of Neo-monopolies so we now have autocratic capitalism which seems not that much better than the worst of autocratic Governments.

Nice to think that our Governments are coming to save us, but it is not looking good. They are struggling as much as us to come to terms with the new world order as the over-exploitation of our natural resources begins to bite.

So what do we do? We do what made humans the dominant creature on earth, we use our intelligence and cooperate.

But how. Well, look at climate change. For decades scientists were telling us that things were going to get bad, but the delaying tactics of the fossil fuel industry and the lack of public pressure meant that Governments learned the ancient art of procrastination.

Greta ThunbergThen along came a school girl with Asperger syndrome, a grotty cardboard sign and determination and it totally tipped the balance. Now let us be clear, she did not change the world by herself, what she did was convince a few people that uncontrolled burning of fossil fuels was not the greatest idea, and they convinced the next tier who in turn convinced the next tier.

And before you could say Greta Thunberg the social pressure was so great that no Government could resist the social pressure. She formed a tribe that was unstoppable.

Now we need a food tribe. A tribe that understands that we need more than energy food, we need a food system that both makes us healthy and is sustainable.

To be healthy we need a healthy gut. Our gut does more than digest our food, the trillions of cells in our gut communicate with each other, just like in a supercomputer, to form a brain with real intelligence. This gut-brain decides what and how much food we want to eat and also hosts much of our immune system.

We simply cannot be healthy without a healthy gut-brain and that means feeding it gut-brain food.

And that is why we call it Gbiota and we use the slogan ‘Feed your gut brain’.

green protesterOur next job is to form a tribe with people who understand the importance of the gut-brain and want to live a long and healthy life and growers who can grow gut-brain food and see that this is providing both a community service but also an ethical and profitable business opportunity for those with a pioneering spirit.

So be smart, join the Gbiota social movement and be part of a social movement to create a food system that makes us healthy and is sustainable.