Growers wanted

At this moment Gbiota is used by a pretty determined bunch who are prepared to the bother of making their own Gbiota beds and boxes. However, it is now clear that while there are many people who want to have the health benefits of eating Gbiota food the majority of people just want to have a box delivered to their home.

So now I am on a campaign of setting up a network of local growers, independent businesses using the Gbiota technology to produce Wickimix the specialist growing media) and Gbiota boxes.

This is described below, this is not a legal document just a lay description of what will be the basis for a formal agreement.


The human body has an intelligent control system, of which the gut is an integral part. This regulated bodily functions, particularly how much and what food we want to eat.

This is referred to as the gut-brain which needs to be fed gut-brain food made up of beneficial microbes and phytonutrients.

Modern food, particularly, highly processed foods lacks these microbes and phytonutrients which traditionally occurr naturally in the soil.

Modern food relying heavily on chemicals does not contain these essential beneficial microbes and phytonutrients. This deficiency is sensed by the gut-brain which produces hormones which create food cravings resulting in overeating that leads to excess fat storage.

The wrong fat in the wrong place is the underlying cause of the modern epidemic of chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart attacks and dementia.

While the food and pharmaceutical industries have tried to develop various pills to resolve this epidemic these have not provided an effective solution, certainly at an affordable price.

There is no real viable alternative but to eat natural food which contains beneficial microbes and phytonutrients.

However food grown in the traditional process, largely relying on natural fertilisers, like manure and compost can contain both the beneficial microbes but also pathogens which lead to infectious diseases.

Cohort International Pty Ltd is a company focused on intellectual property, rather than the manufacture of products.

They have developed a system of breeding beneficial microbes in the soil with careful control of the moisture and air levels in the soil, to breed the beneficial microbes while the breeding of harmful microbes of pathogens are controlled.

This is a two-stage process with the beneficial microbes being bred in Gbiota™ beds to produce a growing medium called Wickimix.

This Wickimix is then loaded in a container, called Gbiota™ boxes which can be used to grow plants, which contain the beneficial microbes, in homes and apartments.

This home growing is important as the beneficial microbes have a short life so it is important the plants are eaten shortly after picking, hence the name of the website

These boxes can be supplied as clean skins, eg just the boxes and Wickimix ready-to-grow plants or as part of a swap over system where boxes with plants grown to the stage of being ready to eat and the boxes swapped over on an exchange basis.

Typically these boxes would be ordered online and delivered by the growing company.

Cohort International wishes to enter into a licensing arrangement with companies who can undertake all or part of the process. In many cases, these companies would already be in the business of supplying conventional vegetable fruit and vegetable boxes and the supply of Gbiota boxes would be in addition to their normal business.

For its part, Cohort International Pty Ltd would provide expertise and training in setting up and managing Gbiota bed and boxes. It would also undertake the promotion of the Gbiota system and the grower as an approved and licensed grower.

The grower would recognise the intellectual property of Cohort International, have the right to use the trade name Gbiota™ and would sell products under the Gbiota name.

For its part, the grower would agree to conform to set quality standards and to sell through the multi-vendor web site

A sales margin which is currently set at 15% would be charged on all sales.

In addition, the grower would register on the subscription site as a grower, which currently has an annual fee of $40 per annum which allows them to access the technology site

They would also be invited to join the social media site a social media site which is free and can be used to communicate directly with customers.