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Overweight, diabetes, heart attacks, and dementia all have a common underlying cause – the wrong fat in the wrong place.

little piggyThis is not because we have turned into little piggies and overeat, it is because our modern chemical industrial food system is deficient in phytonutrients and beneficial microbes.

Phytonutrients are the complex chemicals in living plants. One tomato has over a thousand phytonutrients, we have no idea what they all do but we do know that they work as a system and are vital to health.

chronic diseasesOur gut has trillions of cells, the number of different species that we know about seems to increase with every scientific paper but the current number is close to ten thousand species. Again we have no idea what each individual species does but we do know they work as an integrated system and are vital to health.

We do know they communicate with each other to form a supercomputer in our gut which controls and regulates our bodies.

gut brain connectionOur gut-brain, our intelligent control system that regulates our bodies, senses this deficiency and sends out signals creating food cravings so we overeat and then we get fat and sick.

This is a natural protection mechanism. It senses a shortage in some food components, decides this is an emergency, so it better start storing food.

The way it does that it by sending our signals to make us crave food so we eat more so food is available for storing as fat.

You can easily solve this by growing your own gut-brain food, even if you live in a flat with no garden. It has to be done the right way to breed the living beneficial microbes but is easy to do and it inexpensive.

The main input is waste food so is actually cheaper than buying dead food from the supermarket.

compost tubeBut the question everyone wants to know is if it really possible that growing a few vegetables on your patio can really resolve those chronic diseases.

gut brain foodWell let’s clear up a few points, the bulk of the food we eat is simply used by our bodies as fuel. Our modern food system is highly efficient in producing enough energy food to feed the eight billion people on earth.

There is no question of us growing all the food we need, just enough to cover the deficiencies, which is around 5% of our food intake.

But can just growing a small amount of living food on our patios really resolve the epidemic of chronic disease?

fat and skinnyPeople are all different, some people appear to be totally resistant to chronic disease and remain fit and healthy throughout their lives while other people are highly sensitive and it appears there is nothing we can do to help them.

Life is not meant to be easy.

But for the vast majority of people, we can help to a greater or lesser degree.

Let us take the case of a person who is in the very early stages of diabetes. They may not even be aware of what is happening to their bodies but fat is starting to build up in their muscles so it is more difficult for the essential sugars, which are the fuel for the muscles, to enter.

The body is adapting perfectly well by the pancreas making more insulin to drive the sugars into the muscles. The only symptom they may be aware of, if there are no medical tests undertaken, is that they are putting on a bit of extra weight as insulin is the hormone which leads to putting on weight.

At this stage, we just have a single step of persuading our gut-brain to stop storing extra fat so the chances of improvement are very high.

However, at some point, fat starts to build up in the pancreas, which makes it more difficult to produce insulin.

If we take action early in this stage the pancreas will still be in good condition and able to produce insulin but it is now a two step process of persuading our gut brain to remove the fat from the pancreas and then fire it up to produce more insulin.

If this is caught early the chances of success are still good.

However, if the pancreas has been clogged with fat for a long period it may have begun to atrophy with a much lower chance of returning to duty.

There is truth in the old adage that prevention is better than cure, so fix your gut-brain.

The good news is that if changing your diet to feed ‘living’ food to your gut-brain is actually cheaper than buying ‘dead’ food from the supermarket and as food waste contributes about 10% of greenhouse gases is better for the planet.

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