The Anthropocene

We live in interesting times, it is called the Anthropocene, a period of time during which human activities have impacted the environment enough to constitute a distinct geological change.

floodsAnd, so far it is not looking good, climate change, floods and draughts, degradation of our soils and water shortages will lead to significant changes in our food system.

modern farmingThe bulk of the food system growing energy food by industrial chemical farming will not change much – it is already producing plenty of energy food.

The major change will be in the foods that supply nutrients and particularly the micro-biota which feeds our gut brain.

At first it will become understand by an informed section of the community that our gut brain regulates our body (Homeostasis) and needs to be fed fresh gut brain food.

They will start to grow gut brain food themselves as the ease of the stacking bins show just how easy and inexpensive it is to grow gut brain food from food waste and there is no readily available commercial supply.

As the benefits of eating fresh gut brain food are demonstrated by this minority many more people will want to purchase gut brain food leading to the creation of local industries.




Welcome to the Anthropocene

We are the first generation in history which decides whether we are a healthy people living on a healthy planet or let short term greed lead to our destruction.

Here we show how we can recycle organic waste to grow soil to grow plants which will feed our gut brain which regulates our appetite – what we want to eat and how much and where we store fat.

It is easy – any one can do it and everyone should. This is not a decision for our Governments or big business, it is a decision of the people.

Maybe just one small step for you but a giant leap for mankind.

We can see the effect of putting profits ahead of community benefit in the current epidemic of heart disease, strokes, dementia and diabetes.

The biggest impact of climate change will be on our food system – less food and a more unpredictable food chain.

What you can, and should do, is to start recycling organic waste to grow gut brain food which will keep you healthy.

This will increase your chance of living a long and healthy life, it will reduce your risk of these non-infectious diseases, ensure you have some food growing at home in the event of floods or draughts, it is easy and actually very satisfying to watch the plants grow, it will contribute to the community by reducing green house gases and it will actually save you money.

Read more about the Anthropocene here

I am here to help so what is stopping you, send me an email

Our intelligent control system

gut brain connectionThe human body has an intelligent control system, our gut brain, which automatically regulates almost everything we do.

We aim to show how people can easily breed beneficial microbes in soil which is used to grow plants to feed our gut brain which increases the chances of living a long life, fit and healthy, right up to the very end.

It is simple, costs less, is more convenient and reliable than buying plants from the Supermarket but has to be done right to breed the right sort of microbes.

Growing gut food at home, in waste organics is incredibly cheap, which is great in one way but has one snag. There is no money in it for promotion so we have no option but to make this a social movement where people just try it, prove it works, then tell their friends.

The food, drug and supplement industries spend billions of dollars on manipulative advertising. I would classify much of this as green washing but we simply don’t have the money to compete. We just don’t advertise and rely on word of mouth.

Feeding our gut is the key to health may be a simple fact but that is irrelevant against that marketing power.

So we can provide support we have made this a subscription site at $Au5 per month but there is a free 14 day trial period.  $5 no where near covers our costs, we are a community benefit organisation which relies on people donating their time and money and is pretty cheap to avoid having your leg amputated.

We are real people and you can contact me at if you have any questions.


amputationDiabetes is a big deal. The Australian health system spends $2.5 billion per year directly on diabetes. On top of this diabetes is a leading cause of heart disease, which costs the health system more than $2 billion per year, chronic kidney disease which costs $1.7 billion and stroke which costs $660 million.

All this money – yet every year diabetes increases. Amputations of lower limbs are currently running at four thousand a year and every year that increases.

Why Why Why

whyAll these diseases are not intrinsically a medical problem they are a control problem, our bodies have a highly sophisticated intelligent control system which regulates our bodies, in particular our appetite and where and how much fat we store.

They call it homeostasis, self regulation and no one knows how it really works, but it does – or rather did. With our modern diet we have simply stopped feeding our control system, our gut brain, so it is making us hungry.

And it is so easy to fix, just feed your gut brain and that is dead easy.

Real food not drugs

I fully understand that there are many problems with our current food system, lack of critical mineral like magnesium, iron for women, zinc for men, B12 for vegetarians etc.

But there is nothing more important than feeding our control system, our gut brain, which regulates our bodies. This dwarfs the other issues however important they may seem.

Lamborghini in crashOur gut brain is the driver. I think of it like the driver of a car. If the driver is drunk and the car is weaving all over the road then fixing the steering won’t help much, it is not the real cause, we have to get down and find out what is the underlying cause.

It is not that difficult. Our control system has been evolving and working well over two hundred thousand years and works remarkably well – so well in fact we don’t even think about it.

Scientist use the work homeostasis to describe this process.

pizzaWe have just stopped feeding it with our modern food system which has negative results on the spread of non-infectious diseases, heart attacks, stokes, dementia, and the fastest growing of them all – diabetes.

Go to a remote village where they are growing food as they have done for thousands of years and there will be no sign of diabetes. Go to a modern city and diabetes will be widespread, often with about 14% of the population diabetic and half the population overweight waiting for diabetes to arrive.


All you do have to do is grow plants in living soil full of nutrients and eat them really fresh – it costs very little, actually less than buying from the supermarket.

OK you do have to be a bit careful in how you breed the microbes in the soil  but we have had a couple of hundred thousand years to practise.

mountain areaI study how ecosystems and evolution work, I carry out a maze of experiments on how to grow plants, I spend a lot of time messing around with smelly compost working out the best way to breed beneficial microbes and I go out to remote mountain villages where diabetes is non-existent to study how they have been growing food sustainably for thousands of years.

green protesterThe current way of thinking is simply not working and we are spending billions of dollars using the wrong technology – that is just plain wrong so we need a paradigm shift.

MoldflowI know about paradigm shifts, I was a pioneer of computer aided engineering and changed the way an industry thought, I built up a company worth $500 million, (lucky vulture capitalists). I sold my bit of that company to work on what is the biggest problem facing humanity – a sustainable food system which keeps us healthy and have spent millions of dollars of my own money and much of my life trying to work out how my great grand daughter (yes I am old but fit and healthy) can have food that will keep her healthy.

I am not just some dumbo engineer who likes playing around with compost, I was a pioneer in computer aided engineering and was recognised as one of Australia’s leading innovators by the Institute of Engineers. I am an engineer that likes to understand how the control systems in our bodies and plants actually work.

wateringSo if you want to take me up on my deal – the chance of a long and healthy life and not having your leg chopped then email me at

If you want see a bit of hyped up drafts which I have not formally published then you can have a look at  frontpage15aug23 and pr16aug23

Just do it

Angry personIf you think I come over a bit keen let me tell you that my wife, Xiulan, is a medical doctor, but a gynaecologist not a diabetic specialist.

But she is diabetic and her foot started to turn black and the doctors wanted to amputate, but we started to feed her gut brain food by growing plants in soil teaming with microbes and nutrients and she still has her foot.

Four thousand Australians have a foot amputated ever year, largely unnecessarily. If I could just persuade them to feed their gut brain they could most likely save their foot.  If you want to help people save their leg the first step is to email me

There is a lot of information on this web and it can be difficult to find what you are looking for, but I am a real person and can help you find what you are looking for.

Greta ThunbergI am trying to make people aware that health, particularly diabetes is a control problem. Failure of homeostasis to work occurs because we are not feeding the control system which we have evolved over thousand of years.  Food not pills.

Drugs wont cure it but eating the food that we have evolved to eat is almost certainly going to prevent diabetes in the first place.

And remember – diabetes is just the show pony, everyone needs a fully working homeostasis system to control how their body works.

People, the balls in your court. Become a Greta Foodberg and help the community become healthy.

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