Good men

I full understand that there are many problems with our current food system, lack of critical mineral like magnesium, iron for women, zinc for men, B12 for vegetarians etc.

But there is nothing more important than feeding our control system, our gut brain, which regulates our bodies. This dwarfs the other issues however important they may seem.

Lamborghini in crashIt is the driver. I think of it like the driver of a car. If the driver is drunk and the car is weaving all over the road then fixing the steering won’t help much, it is not the real cause, we have to get down and find out what is the underlying cause.

It is not that difficult. Our control system has been evolving and working well over two hundred thousand years and works remarkably well – so well in fact we don’t even think about it.

Scientist use the work homeostasis to describe this process.

pizzaWe have just stopped feeding it with our modern food system which has results on the spread of non-infectious diseases, heart attacks, stokes, dementia, and the fasted growing of them all diabetes.

Go to a remote village where they are growing food as they have done for thousands of years and there will be no sign of diabetes. Go to a modern city and diabetes will be widespread, often with about 14% of the population diabetic and half the population overweight waiting for diabetes to arrive.

mountain areaI have been to remote mountain areas in rural China where diabetes is virtually unknown to study how they grow their food. They have been farming their land for thousands of years, totally sustainably and it is a bit of a shock.

We don’t need some super sophisticated solution, we just need to study how these traditional communities grow their food, not to copy but to understand how it works then see how we can apply our learning to our modern society.

They have a totally different attitude to shit. Yes we are very polite and don’t like to talk about it but for these rural people it is part of life. You see old ladies with a basket on their back and a flick stick flicking turds into the basket. Their skill is really impressive.

I have seen a field of Chinese cabbage and every cabbage has a radial spokes of human turds carefully arranged.

lettuceNow go to a modern Chinese city like Shanghai or Shenzhen where people buy their Chinese cabbage from the supermarket, just like in Australia. They look superb, perfect cabbages, almost identical without a blemish and they are so good I guess they have been grown hydroponically.

The Chinese in the city and the rural mountains are genetically the same and they both eat a lot of vegetables. The city dwellers have an epidemic of diabetes while in the rural area diabetes is virtually unknown.

It is difficult not to say that perhaps how we grow our food really matters. As they say – it is just bleeding obvious.

I have been collecting a list of plants that are supposed to help diabetes, Fenugreek, bitter melon, Emla, Ginsen, Goji berries there are hundred of so called diabetic plants and you can buy extracts of many of these on line as pills.

I guess many of these are grown using modern growing technology with chemical fertilisers then processed in modern factories into pills. But are they really as effective as eating plants grown in soil teaming with microbes and eaten directly after harvesting?

How can a plant grown in inert soil and spent days in transport and sitting on shop shelves or transformed into a pill having the same microbes as the plant grown in nutrient rich living soil teaming with microbes.

fat and skinny miceWe know that the gut microbes matter, swap the microbes from a fat person to a skinny person or vice versa and the fat person will become skinny and the skinny person fat.

It seems that how the plants are grown really matters. The baffling part is that it is dead easy to grow plants in living soil, even people living in an apartment can do it and it cost far less than buying from the supermarket.

The only negative I can see is that our current system earns huge amounts of money for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

yakIt may be fine for a remote village to fertilise their soil with Yak pooh but there are not many rental properties in the centre of our Major cities that would welcome Yaks rambling along the corridors so we have to find a new way.

That is what the Gbiota technology is all about.

It not that difficult to fix it.

There is a saying I think from Lincoln – Bad things happen when good men stand buy and do nothing.

too busyI went to Diabetes Australia to join forces in running an awareness campaign. They seem to have the sames do nothing disease as in the Robo debt, PWC fiascos – thanks, but no thanks, on your bike.

So I am left to run this awareness campaign myself. So if you are a good man or woman, please don’t do nothing. If you know anyone who is diabetic them please tell them about this project and my web. Ask them if they are willing to grow some diabetic plants at home and simply measure their blood sugar levels before and after.