Diabetes gut food project

We know how to grow plants to improve gut health, it is easy anyone can do it even if it is just using pots on a windowsill in a flat.

We know that the gut forms part of our intelligent control system which regulate where and how much fat we store in our bodies and the wrong fat in the wrong place is the root cause of diabetes.

We know this works for a limited number of people who have tried it. But people are all different. Some people are totally resistant to diabetes and can eat chicken wings and chips and their only exercise is working the remote control with no sign of diabetes while other people will become diabetic however hard they try.

But most people are somewhere in between, we think that improving gut health will prevent many people from becoming diabetic but we just think we don’t really know for sure and we have no idea how many people would be prevented from becoming diabetic.

So we want to set up an independent trial run by a respected University to find out for sure. We are in the planning stage right now talking to Universities and looking for suitable researchers and looking for funding.

But we need people prepared to grow plants and pick and eat while fresh before the beneficial microbes die – critical for improving gut health. To be statistically significant we need a large group of several thousand people.

If you are interested, can you please read the detailed description of the project on www.gbiota.com and register your interest or if you know someone who may be concerned about diabetes tell them about the project then email me at colin@gbiota.com

At this moment this is purely a registration of interest with no commitment and to participate you will need to get approval from your doctor as if you are already on diabetic medication these may need to be changed to avoid blood sugar levels dropping below safe levels.