Our gut brain

The aim of the Gbiota club is to improve gut health by breeding beneficial microbes in a special soil, called Wickimix, to grow plants which act as natural pre and pro biotics.

Our gut does much more than help digest our food, together with our head brain it acts as an intelligent control system which subconsciously manages many body functions, particularly our appetite and our immune system. Poor gut health leads to being overweight with all the attended health issues such as diabetes, heart attacks and dementia.


All life is totally dependant on microbes, they break down the minerals in the soil forming complex chemicals essential for life. They are part of our bodies particularly in our gut where they form a real brain with intelligence which controls much of our bodily function, particularly appetite. We need the good bugs.

But there are bad bugs which make us sick or kill us so we try and kill them first by a combination of hygiene, powerful chemicals and antibiotics. But we also kill off the good bugs on which our lives depend.

Our great challenge is to find a way of breeding the good bugs, while controlling the bad bugs.


The approach adopted in the Gbiota club is eco-balance – create the right conditions so the beneficial microbes simply out breed and out compete the harmful microbes. Most people have some harmful microbes like E.Coli in their gut but the beneficial microbes simply control these harmful microbes.

Our gut micro biome originates in the soil which should contain thousands of different species of beneficial microbes which will enter the plants and then us.

We carefully control the conditions, food and moisture, so the beneficial microbes simply out breed and control the harmful microbes.

Fresh is more than not gone bad

The solution sounds easy – eat food – freshly picked – grown in soil teaming with beneficial microbes and nutrients – Gbiota food. Microbes breed incredibly fast – but they also die quickly so plants must be eaten shortly after picking.

The solution is the Gbiota Wicking Box which allows people with no growing experience, time or land to have fresh plants growing in their own home, even if they live in a flat. We aim to set up local food communities with growers producing Wickimix which can be loaded into Gbiota wicking boxes so everyone can benefit from a healthy and fresh gut food.

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