What is the Gbiota project?

The Gbiota project is to enhance our gut microbiome by eating plants grown in a medium (Wickimix) where beneficial microbes that enhance our gut biome breed.

At this moment the members of the Gbiota club are largely dedicated gardeners with land who are prepared to spend the time and energy learning how to manage the total process of growing both Wickimix and plants.

But everyone has a gut which acts as an automated control system subconsciously managing critical functions such as appetite and the immune system.

fat and skinnyTo make the benefit of the Gbiota technology more widely available we have split the technology into two seperate parts.

Growers can produce Wickimix for their local community members who can grow plants at home, in the upgraded Gbiota box system. This requires very little attention so they are convenient for flats, balconies, patios etc with minimal space.

These plants are natural pre and pro biotics – a system which has been tested over millions of years until the advent of chemical industrial agriculture. Many modern diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and dementia are the consequence of our modern highly processed food system which had led to a reduction in gut health.

Consumers will need a regular supply of Wickimix with its living microbiome which they can buy from local   approved local Wickimix growers – Gbiota provide all the training and technical support for the growers but local consumers need to locate a willing grower to be trained.

Local groups can also supply advice on what are the best plants to grow in that locality at the various seasons.

This web is really three webs in one. The mother web gbiota.com is for technical information, gbiota.club is a private social media site aimed at forming local groups of both consumers and growers to exchange both products and information, pickandeat.shop is an optional multi vendor trading site for Gbiota products.

You can contact me directly for more information at colin@gbiota.com (yes I am a real person).

Growing plants as pre and pro biotics for gut health

colin austinThe focus of this web site is how to grow pre and pro biotic plants to enhance gut health using Gbiota Wicking beds.

Growing plants as natural pre and pro biotics is the most effective and cheapest way of enhancing gut health and has been tested over millions of years.

I started to promote Wicking beds almost thirty years ago. The initial aim was to be able to grow crops when water was in very short supply.

There is no loss of water by either surface evaporation – as the top of the soil is dry or by loss of water below the surface. This could reduce water use to as little as a third of conventional growing.

I then learned that as there was no loss of water below the root zone there was also no loss of nutrients so they were much more productive than conventional above ground watering.

I then began to learn about the importance of our gut microbiome to health.

For many years our gut microbiome did not receive much attention from researchers as it was thought of as just a way of finishing the digestion process.

gut brain connectionThen we learned that the gut was actually intelligent, communicating with our head brain to form part of our intelligent control system.

It was realised that our gut brain was critical in controlling our appetite and poor gut health was part of the chain that was leading to the widespread increase in people being overweight with all the attended health issues such as diabetes, heart attacks and dementia.

The recent epidemic taught us that our gut microbiome was critical for our immune system.

We now know that the head and gut brain communicate to effect our moods and the wave of depression and inertia is again influenced by our gut microbiome.

It is very clear that our gut microbiome is critical to health.

It is also evident that our modern food system, which may be highly effective in producing large volumes of energy food is deficient in both the pre and pro biotics which lead to a healthy gut microbiome.

Wickmix is the key – this is a type of soil which is full of both living beneficial microbes and essential minerals which will enter the plant roots to create plants which are both pre and pro biotics.

Wickimix can be produced by enthusiatic home gardeners but is probably best produced by community or commercial growers.

Watch this video https://youtu.be/-tdfT_0xttM

gbiota boxThis is loaded into the latest version of Wicking boxes which have two separate compartments – the lower compartment is simply filled with fresh water which slowly wicks up to the upper compartment by rope wicks.

This maintains the soil layer at the ideal Goldilocks moisture level not to dry or wet but just nicely moist.

The upper compartment can have high walls so it can be used with certain plants as a terrarium for germination and to protect the plants from insect attacks.

A system is being set up where people with no time or space for gardening can buy a Gbiota Wicking box from a local grower and have fresh plants full of active beneficial biota for gut health growing even in a flat or apartment.

Food cluster

We help people form a food cluster – that is a groups of people comprising consumers – (that is people who want to access food that will make them healthy) and growers.

Growers may be home growers for their own use, community growers who are happy to have a paying hobby and commercial growers who want to set up a business supplying food focused on providing health.

Customers buy food directly from the growers while we provide the support and technology on how to grow food for health. This is done under a subscription service which works out at about $Au5 per month per customer.

We are based in Australia but the scheme is open to anyone wherever they are in the world.

Go to community to register.

Getting started

Here are some links to get you started.

Overview, as the name suggest give an overview of the technology and links to a range of articles for easy readings.

The menu item Food is a blog area containing many articles on food and health arranged in chronological order. We are writing new articles on a regular basis but some of the older articles are really important which is why they are highlighted in Overview.

The menu item Gbiota news contains the latest news on the Gbiota movement for health through food.

The menu item Growing is where we provide the technical information on growing food for health. Unlike the rest of the site which is free this is a subscription area.

Community is a social media area primarily aimed at linking customers and growers but where people can exchange information.

Shop has been set up to provide an online way for people in a cluster to buy and sell on line – should they so wish.

Please note this is a dynamic site which is changed on a regular basis so it pays to check on what is new. Most of our visitors are returning visitors.

Any questions? Just email me at colin@gbiota.com