What’s this Gbiota stuff all about?

Well it is pretty simple. This is my great grand daughter Elowen, she has no idea what gut biota is but she knows she needs a good old suck to build up her gut biota from her mum, my grand daughter.

But she will grow up and ask herself “What sort of world have my parents, and their parents and their parents created for me to live in, did they do a good job or were they just obsessed by getting a private jet, yacht or Lamborghini?”

Now I am not one of those people who go on about the good old days. My very first memory – a bit older than Elowen was being carried down to the air raid shelter in the Blitz with the search lights, flashes and bangs and houses just disappearing – but that is not why I remember that – I dropped my teddy and they would not go back for it.

Now I never went hungry but I can remember the fight for food, digging up the lawns to grow veggies, keeping chickens for their eggs and their valuable pooh which was really the main source of fertilisers which would keep us alive.

But I wonder what sort of life baby Elowen will have and to help me think I look back on my life where the changes, driven by technology, have been greater than at any other period in history. I have to ask – are these changes for the better or not? Particularly as I have been part of that revolution.

When I left University, having studied engineering I saw plastics as an exciting new material and learning how to use that material would be a good opportunity for a fresh young graduate engineer.

Then still way back in time I met up with computer, still in the days of punched cards which most people have never even heard of. But I could see that computers would totally change the way engineering worked enabling us to calculate many things that we just had to guess at before leading to better products with less materials.

I learned computer program and worked away at solving the incredibly complex problem of how plastics flowed into a mould which luckily I managed to solve, so I set up a company which grew to become a multi national, multi million dollar company which was the leading exporter of technical software from Australia.

This made a lot of money for the vulture capitalist (and a lot less for me) but I was selected as one of the top on hundred technical innovators by the Institute of Engineers.

This could well have become the pinnacle of my career had I not asked myself one simple question – how much better was the world because of these technical innovations? It did not lead to a happy answer. You only have to look at the problems facing the world, climate change, pollution from plastics and chemical toxins, the list goes on and on but there is no way anyone can say that technology has been an unblemished benefit.

Now, if I, as a technology pioneer, what would I say to Elowen if I live longer enough?

I don’t think she would be very impressed.

Technology has enormous benefits for society but those benefits should flow through to the community as a whole and not be the sole province of multi national or tech billionaires whose focus is on profits rather than the community.

So what is the biggest problem that young Elowen will face in her life? The first answer that spring to mind is global warming – but a couple or so degrees of itself is not going to hurt Elowen – the big threat she really faces is the food crisis, not an absolute shortage of food – modern technology is getting very good at making what I call plastic food which means food full of energy but low in critical minerals, nutrients and biology.

It is not just the effect of climate change on food production but the destruction that modern technology is doing to our soils. It is predicted that we only have some sixty years (well within Elowen’s expected life) of top soil left at the current rate of destruction.

Elowen won’t die from lack of food or starvation but without eating real food her body will loose it’s resilience and won’t be able to resist whatever the threats come in the future.

The Gbiota technology, which breeds beneficial biota in organic waste and rock dust may be a technical solution but that is simply not enough.

What is needed is a community based food system with both growers and consumers well aware of the technical issues but working together to provide community based gut food.

That is the underlying principles behind the Gbiota system, if this makes sense to you then join the Gbiota club, cooperate, learn and work with other club member to make this happen before Elowen grows up.