I am a real person

I am a real person – not some computerised zombie that looks and talks like a real person (like in automated telephone answering machines). I am lucky, I have had a long and good life and seen many changes in the world.

kid shovellingWhen I was a kid a had a weekend job on a chicken farm – bluntly shovelling shit – but I earned enough to buy a bike. But I learned that our food system was based on manure.

People were generally not fat and I never heard of diabetes although I knew all about infectious diseases – as a toddler if some other kid got one of those childhood infections like chicken pox we were all taken to a chicken pox party with lots of cakes and we all got infected and then immune – that was the way the world worked back then.

Then along came technology with synthetic fertilisers – particularly nitrogen – and food production just rocketed and so did population – but not as fast as food production.

Now we can go to the super market and choose from a wide variety of foods from all over the world – (that is unless there is a bush fire, flood, drought, epidemic or some other crisis which blows away our food distribution system.)

fat girlBut there is a snag – we evolved with a total abundance of fresh plants grown in young soil but sugars and fats were in short supply so we evolved to crave sugary fatty foods (like ice cream) but not crave the plant foods, with all that live biota and minerals, that feed our gut. That is just the way we are made.

But our gut is really smart and knows that we are missing important parts of our diet so it sends our messages saying eat more and we end up fat and sick with an epidemic of diabetes, heart attacks and dementia that never occurred before.

Now this matters – for every person that dies from Covid a hundred people are sick and die younger from diabetes.

This is not some new discovery, many people understand the importance of organic style food on health such that organics is the fastest growing food segment. What restrict the growth is that organics can cost multiples of chemical industrial produce.

The fact that people with no growing experience in growing can successfully grow fresh food in Wicking Beds at a much lower cost than supermarket food has led to their astonishing adoption.

If we had a Wicking Bed system specifically developed to grow gut food the demand would just explode – and that is exactly what the Gbiota Biobox is.

Technically we know how to solve the gut food issue

It is just a question of eating plants grown in biologically active, nutrient rich soil. Science really understand all the minerals our bodies need. I learned very young about shovelling shit and making compost that biota breeds in organic waste. But there is an issue of water.

If the soil is too dry then the biota does not breed, if it is too wet then the wrong sort of biota out breed the good biota.

To breed the beneficial biota we need just the right moisture level, Goldilocks moisture not too dry and not too wet.



MoldflowNow I am like everyone else, good and some things and hopeless at others – my spelling is absolootly acchrowshus. But one thing I happened to find out I was good at was computational fluid flow, how fluids move. In fact I set up a company which became the leading exporter of technical software from Australia and a world leader in its field.

And knowing a bit about how water moves through the soil just happens to be particularly useful when trying to breed beneficial biota. I pioneered Wicking Beds over twenty years ago and have consistently refined them up to the latest Gbiota Bioboxes which enable anyone, with no gardening experience to have fresh plants growing on their patio or window ledge.

So the problem is not a technical problem – anyone who has had the delight of a three year old kids knows how difficult it is to get them to eat over boiled Brussels sprouts.

It is a social problem.

Killing in UkrainJust look at the world today, we have missiles aimed at maternity hospital killing mothers and babies – beyond human imagination that any human being could do that to another human being.

But before we get to tough on autocratic leaders look at our own society. Global mega corporations, with revenues bigger than many countries, cause untold damage by the manipulation of the truth deceiving the public and exercising unwarranted influence on the Governments who are supposed to protect the interest of people like you and me.

So what is the solution. It is not to set up yet another global mega corporation selling gut food across the globe with multi billion dollar advertising budgets.

Food must be in the control of people who eat – it must not be ‘just for profit’ operation.

Local people should control their local food system.

geomapIt is just so simple, set up local food groups where growers can produce soils (yes you can make, or rather grow soil). This soil can be put into the latest version of Wicking boxes – Bioboxes – so people, almost anyone, can enjoy fresh plants, full of beneficial biology and nutrients in their home.

Now it is just not possible to set this up overnight throughout the world. We have to start in areas where there is a group of people who understand what needs to be done and are willing to put the effort into making it happen.

I can help here. If you just enrol showing your interest in becoming part of a local food project then I can see where there are the embryos of locals groups and help these groups to develop into fully functioning local food groups.

All you have to do is to fill in the form, costs you nothing and there is no obligation either way – I will feed these into a geomap and look for where these local embryos may be forming.

You will need to provide information on your location which will be treated in confidence, if you don’t trust us just go to Google Maps and click on a location near you and send us the coordinates.

You will also need to supply an email address so we can contact you when we have a group embryo.

Look forward to hearing from you

Colin (the real)