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I believe everyone in our affluent world should have access to healthy food at an affordable price, specifically, nutrient-dense food that improves gut health. The Gbiota system aims to make this a reality.

Why gut health matters

Our gut is one of the most important organs in our body – made up of trillions of cells that communicate with each other – it has real intelligence – our gut brain – which controls much of our body functions.

You simply cannot be healthy without a healthy gut and that means you have to feed it and that is what Gbiota food is all about.

Modern food is not good for our gut health – full of sugars, fats and salt it has led to a global health pandemic of chronic (non-infectious diseases). We love sugary fatty foods – they were in short supply when we were evolving so we crave them. The modern food industry makes a lot of money from satisfying these craving.

Many people are sick and die from these chronic diseases. There are far more people suffering from the chronic diseases stemming from a poor diet than people suffering from Covid.

Gbiota beds

Gbiota beds were developed by studying the way soil is formed in the natural world, but the beds dramatically accelerate the process. Instead of taking decades to make healthy soil, it can be created in months in a relatively simple system.

We combine food and organic waste scraps with worms, manures, essential minerals and inoculants for the soil to create the optimum conditions to grow healthy soil and beneficial microbiota. We then grow food in this soil to feed our gut biology, so it is a natural source of pre- and pro-biotics.

It is already widely used by home gardeners. The technology is described in the growing section on this site and is the subject of continuous development and improvement.

What sort of people make up the Gbiota club?

People who just want to have a healthy gut by eating the right sort of food – Gbiota food.

The most important group are mums – our gut biology starts with what mum eat before we are born, then we pick up a lot of biology during birth and from mums milk that she feeds us. They are probably far to busy to have time to grow their own Gbiota food but they can access healthy food from the Gbiota community.

So we have growers – home and commercial growers. They grow soil full of the essential biology and minerals. Yes – we actually grow soil from waste food and organic waste, manures and minerals. Gut health starts in the soil.

The growers put this Gbiota soil into boxes, seed to grow plants until they are ready to harvest – then deliver the boxes to local people who want to pick and eat fresh Gbiota food – even if they know nothing about gardening or live in an apartment.

This site has the information needed to grow the soil and plants for a healthy gut.

Creative Commons

You don’t have to join the Gbiota club to access the many articles in the menu item ‘food’.

This is all free and in the public domain under the Creative Commons system – you can copy and reproduce the articles as you wish. The only requirement is that you acknowledge the source Colin Austin from

Subscription site

We have taken the decision that we do not want to make money from the sale of Gbiota foods or services – but we do want to create an ethical and sustainable organisation which can at least cover its operational costs.

We are not in the business of private jets or Lamborghini’s so we have set the site up so certain parts are subscription only so hopefully we can be a viable entity now and into the future.

This means that you have to register and log in to access.

Gbiota™ is a registered trade mark. If you are a grower and follow our recommendation for growing Gbiota food or providing Gbiota boxes you are entitled to use the name Gbiota™.

However the name Gbiota implies that certain quality procedures are followed and as a grower it is in your and everyone else interest that you safeguard the Gbiota name.

We have several levels.


You can become a consumer for free and this gives you access to the bulk of the site which is all about gut food and health.

If you register and subscribe as a consumer we will endeavour to link you with growers (and other consumers) in your locality and you will gain access to the entire site for information and interest on how Gbiota soil and food is grown, even though you may not be growing yourself.

You will need to register which costs $5 Australian per year. You can also login and click he notification button to receive automatic notification of new posts.

You can unsubscribe any time you want.

Private home growers

The next level is for people who want to grow their own Gbiota food for their own and families use. They have access to all the information on this site for $20 (Aussie$) per year and can use this information to grow your own Gbiota food. You can automatically pay from anywhere in the world with a regular credit card.

Community home growers

The next level up is community growers. They are likely to be home owners with a bit of land but could also be a community garden – but they are amateur growers rather than commercial growers. They have access to the entire site for $10 a month which they can easily recover from supplying Gbiota boxes with money to spare.

While this may not be a business we hope this enables growers to generate some extra income while providing a valuable service to their local community.

I am very keen to encourage community home growers.

Commercial growers

Finally there are the commercial growers, may be small scale growers adopting a Tree Change – they pay $50 per month and hopefully can run a viable business.

Trade mark and Creative Commons

Gbiota™ is a registered trade mark for use by the Gbiota mob for genuine Gbiota food.

Our article are generally published under the creative commons systems which means they can be copied and reproduced without approval but the source must be acknowledged.

Our articles on growing Gbiota food are restricted to Gbiota growers and are not for re-publication.

Honesty and the modern digital society

We live in the internet era which give ordinary people access to the worlds information, surely one of the great achievements of mankind.

It has however encouraged a certain subset of humanity to indulge in the manipulation of the truth. I see this as one of the great threats to modern society.

But I believe that most people are honest and willing to contribute to society now and for their grand kids.

I very much hope this is becomes an established feature of the Gbiota club.

Colin Austin

ps I am a real person and don’t have an Avatar and am happy to chat and communicate with people with a similar view  about what we need to do to correct our rather troubled modern world.