Gbiota technology

The focus of Gbiota technology is on how to grow plants to enhance our gut biology

Gbiota food provide the essential biology and nutrients missing in our modern food.

Greta FoodbergLife, even our modern sophisticated life, is totally dependant on the microscopic biota that are virtually everywhere on earth – but particularly in the soil making inert minerals available and in our gut helping us digest our food. But they do much more than that.

Gut Biota is essential for our health. There are trillions of cells made up from thousands of species. But this is much more than trillions of dumb cells – they communicate with each other and our head brain to form an intelligent control system to manage our bodies to do some very important jobs.

Our gut brain does three very important jobs,

– it control our appetite so we have enough food without overeating and getting fat and sick

– it manufactures the complex chemicals we need to replace our body parts as they age

– it hosts much of our immune system so protect us from pandemics

Modern food

Modern food may be produced under antiseptic conditions but it lacks the essential biology and nutrients which enabled our ancestors, with much stronger guts, to survive under conditions which were far from hygienic.

The Gbiota movement looks forward to the latest technology on how to grow plants but also looks backward to learn from how our ancestors grew their food and survived some pretty appalling conditions.

There are two aspect to the Gbiota project

– the technology, how do we actually grow the food that will make us healthy and

– how to we change the food system so people can access Gbiota food which will make them healthy at an affordable price.

If you just want a quick overview of the technology then go to introduction to Gbiota if you want to learn more about the complex issue of how our food affects our health and how we need to change the food system then follow the reading list as laid our below.


Making the world a better place

There are many organisation struggling to make the world a better place. They may focus on mainstream projects such as global warming, food for the under privileged, child abuse, refugees etc. They all share a common obstacle – the few who put short term money and power ahead of the long term benefits for the community.

merchants of doubtThese few are typically very good at what they do, manipulating the truth creating doubt, personal attacks and other sneaky tricks. The tactics are well known and documented in books like Merchants of doubt’ by Naomi Oreskes.

The benefits of these mainstream players are obvious, the Gbiota club has the same objectives of making the world a better place but is focused on the niche topic of growing food to enhance gut biology.

The human gut could be the second most important organ in our bodies after our head brain. It is a real brain which controls our appetite so we don’t get fat and sick, it generates the complex chemicals needed to replace our body parts as they age and it supports our immune system which protects us from infection.

But it can hardly be described as a glamorous organ like our hair, eyes, face and teeth. In fact the way we are most aware of our gut is in our poop – not ideal in the populist world of public relations.

This web is a bit different.

me with grandkidsWe are not trying to sell you something – there are no special offers – buy now before prices jump – or any of that high pressure selling or manipulation of the truth, you get on most web sites. I – that’s me Colin Austin – worry about what we are doing to the world that my grand kids and their grand kids will have to live in.

We are in the Anthropocene where humans are busy destroying our food sources for the sake of short term profits.

So I study, and research, how to grow plants to provide us with food that will make us healthy using inputs which are sustainable – that means more effective use of water and recycling organic waste, particularly food waste.

But the biggest mistake we have made is forgetting about our gut which

– controls our appetite so we have enough energy but don’t overeat

– manufactures the complex chemicals needed to replace our body parts as they age

– hosts much of our immune system so protect us from pandemics

so now the focus is on growing plants, which act as pre and pro biotics to give us a healthy gut biology.

This is a critical technology but we don’t sell plants or soil or really anything but we do make this technology available for free for people who want to grow their own Gbiota food and we look for growers who want to adopt this technology for the health of their customers under a licensing system which ensures that their customers buy food grown to specification.

Don’t get confused – How to get started


There is a lot of information on this web which can be a bit overwhelming – so I have set up a system where you can read the key posts in a logical sequence.

I have been writing articles on the web since it started some twenty five years ago, originally on my early web site (which still has a lot of good stuff) and now on my more recent webs.

There is just so much information that to be honest it can look totally confusing.

The articles are arranged in time sequence (latest at the top) in blogs. At the bottom of the latest pages I have put forward and backwards links.

The forward link takes you to the more recent post, backwards to the previous post.  The best way of starting is to go to a post called principles-of-gbiota-beds (which was written in July 2021) and then when finished click on forward which will take you to the next most recent article.

By the time you have read these dozen or so articles (I keep on adding more) you will have read a lot of information on how to grow plants to enhance gut biology – which is what we do.

If you want a short cut you can just read introduction-to-gbiota to get a quick overview.

On some topics I have written articles which are really too long for a conventional post so I have made them into a .pdf so you can download and read at your leisure – if you are into the serious stuff.

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