The health and even the future of our species depends on the micro-biota in the soil and in our guts.

Gbiota – feed our gut brain

YanomamiIt is just a fact that the Hudza tribes in Tansania, the Yanomami tribe in the Amazon and people eating wild food and people living in the various blue zones have a far healthier gut biome than people eating a modern western diet.

They may be all different but they have two things in common

– their food is based on how plants and soil have evolved over millions of years by the sustainable recycling of organic waste

– their societies are based on prioritising the needs of the community.

The Gbiota project follows these two leads. Our technology is based on studying how biology, soil and plants have evolved together over millions of years.

We cannot all go and live in the Amazon but we can study what they eat and how it is grown. It is simple – they eat a wide variety of plants grown in moist forest litter. This breeds a healthy soil biology which enters the plants that they eat. A spinach leaf grown in soil with an active biology will have over eight hundred separate species of micro biology.

I developed the Gbiota growing system based on this natural process using recycled organic waste to breed the beneficial biology. There are plenty of local growers who want to grow using regenerative agriculture. You just need to form a local buying group and I can provide all the technology and advice on how they can set up their Gbiota beds.

This is not a project run by big business for profit – we don’t spend any money on advertising – we just rely on people sharing this information, for real with friends or by social media.

If you share our views please study the key post indicated then contact me here.

The importance of gut biology

Gut Micro-biology is essential for our health. There are trillions of cells made up from thousands of species. But this is much more than trillions of dumb cells – they communicate with each other and our head brain to form an intelligent control system to manage our bodies to do some very important jobs.

Our gut brain does three very important jobs,

– it control our appetite so we have enough food without overeating and getting fat and sick

– it manufactures the complex chemicals we need to replace our body parts as they age

– it hosts much of our immune system so protect us from pandemics

Modern soils in chemical industrial agriculture lack this essential biology and nutrients. Many of the chemicals used are claimed not to harm us but they certainly harm the soil biology on which our lives and future generations depend.

Gbiota food provide this essential biology and nutrients missing in our modern food.

Gbiota beds

Gbiota bed Gbiota beds were developed specifically to grow plants to feed our gut brain (Gbiota). Beneficial biology is breed in a blend of soil, organic waste, manure, mineral and inoculants.

The biology enters the plants via the root system so they act as pre and pro biotics feeding our guts.

Moisture levels are controlled by a partial flood and drain system to ensure the beneficial biology dominates.

It is a totally sustainable growing system.

Licensed growers

gbiota bannerGrowers are licensed to use this technology and sell through the normal channels, on line, farmers markets or conventional retail. Growers are expected to follow protocols so the customer can buy with confidence in the way the plants have been grown. This is indicated by the Gbiota symbol.

And we want to see the technology used for the benefit of the community, rather than make a few mega corporation and individuals excessively rich.

This is a social movement driven by dedicated individuals. We put the needs of today’s community, our grand kids and their grand kids first.  If you share our views join us.

It is just not possible to explain a complex topic like food, health and gut biology in a three word slogan so I have now organised this web like a book with a preface (home page),  overview, introduction (index) and a series of posts which follow on from each others like chapters in a book.

If you are not familiar with my background it is worth reading ‘My Story’ first.

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Food and health is a complex business, dont believe the ubiquitous  manipulatives adds trying to sell you pills or magic potions, they just want your money. Just eat good food, it works better and is much cheaper.

If you share our views please study the key posts as indicated then contact me here. This is a community project which requires cooperation from people who see the need for change for our health and future generations.

I would appreciate any comments or suggestions on how to make the message clearer and more readable.

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