Our Gut Biota

The battle of the bugs

Growing plants as natural pre and pro biotics to strengthening our gut and immune system is smart in the middle of a pandemic.

Why Gbiota beds

The purpose of GBiota beds is to breed beneficial biology in the soil. This biology enters the plants growing in the soil so when we eat the plants they act as natural pre and pro biotics as well us providing valuable nutrients but the key point of Gbiota beds is to provide us with the beneficial biology.

Gbiota boxes

Gbiota boxes work on exactly the same principles as commercial Gbiota beds but enable anyone, even if living in an apartment, to grow their own Gbiota food themselves.

They are typically purchased from a local supplier with plants already growing ready for harvesting. The local supplier may offer a service to reseed and replant the box so no skills are needed so everyone has access to healthy fresh plants.

Ecological balance

The world is full of microscopic organisms, many want to breed in and on us – some some good some bad. The beneficial biology – given the right conditions – will out breed and control harmful biology in a system of ecological balance.

We have evolved with this micro-biology which now forms an essential part of our gut – trillion of cells made up from thousands of species. But this is much more than trillions of dumb cells – they communicate with each other to form our gut brain forming an intelligent control system which

– controls our appetite so we have enough energy but don’t overeat

– manufactures the complex chemicals needed to replace our body parts as they age

– hosts much of our immune system so protect us from pandemics

We were smart and won

Our ancient ancestors survived and flourished with just the protection of their inbuilt immune system and we became the dominant creature on earth. We know by studying modern hunter gatherers that they had a much healthier gut biota which supports our immune system.

They ate plants grown in forest litter, full of minerals, organic material and soil creatures.

This microscopic biology would enter the plant roots, and our ancestors would eat the plants which were natural pre and pro-biotics.

Not so smart

Protected by real advances in medical science we forgot the lessons of the past and changed our diet and started to eat plastic food, very clean and hygienic, but lacking this essential beneficial biology and minerals so we become more susceptible to diseasesnot so smart.

We remembered

This led to the modern day development of Gbiota beds (Gut Biota) which work on exactly the same principles that allowed our ancestors to flourish in hazardous conditions – but using modern technology.

We replace forest litter with the organic waste, particularly food waste which often ends up in landfill creating green house gases. We add the essential minerals, biological inoculants and worms to grow plants which are natural pre and pro biotics to ensure we have the beneficial gut biology and trace minerals essential for health.

Professional Gbiota growers can supply ready to eat plants but can also supply Gbiota boxes, with plants already growing so people can easily grow their own GBiota food using their own organic waste at minimal cost.

The hardware for the box is simple, just make a hole add the fittings and connect a length of Ag pipe. See video How to grow food for a strong immune system

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