Gbiota boxes and our immune system

Gbiota boxes were developed to enhance our immune system. There are many plants in traditional medicine which are claimed to strengthen our immune system. There has been genuine scientific research into some of these plants which support these claims but it is not clear how they work.

While the idea that they may produce some magic chemical which enhances our immune system it seems it may be more complex than that. We know that plants exude sugars, specific to that plant, from their root system to attract beneficial biology – specific to that plant – which then enters the plants and we digest when we eat the plants and then becomes part of our gut biology.

Rural societies

At this moment there is still a need for further research but before the virus stopped travel I used to visit rural societies in remote areas of the world. What stood out was that their were older people, particularly women, who would go out to the mountains and collect these plants which they would sell in the market.

Despite their old age they were clearly fit and active – not exactly proof in the strict scientific sense but still a strong indicator.

These plant were growing in soil maturing from the forest litter and were clearly rich in nutrients and biology which is principles of the Gbiota system of improving gut biology.

Combination of soil and plants

It seems that it may be the combination of the soil and the plants which strengthen our gut biology is why they are effective. While further research is needed in the middle of a pandemic it is sensible to act now rather than just wait.

Gbiota suppliers grow these plants in Gbiota boxes ready for customers to harvest these plants using the tipping system which is just cutting of the tips of the plants leaving them to regrow new tips – just like tea is grown and harvested.

Customers can then ‘tip’ these plants daily and have an on going supply of fresh tips which they make into smoothies, to drink directly or use as a source, or just eat in wraps and salads.

Will it work

Will this work? How do we even think about this?

The image of the classic scientific approach is to develop a hypothesis, test this until there is reasonable confidence it is correct – when it becomes a theory – work out how to apply.

This approach has two snags

– the Doherty report estimates 1,500 deaths in the first six months by stopping lock downs, are we comfortable with these deaths?

– how do we set up an experiment to see if changing diet can avoid deaths? We can’t have an experiment like this without risking killing a lot of people.

So we have to adopt a risk benefit approach. If we persuade people to eat healthy foo (Gbiota food) and it works as theory predicts we have saved a lot of lives, if the theory turns out to be wrong we have just fed people with healthy fresh vegetables at minimum cost.

If you are interested in becoming a Gbiota supplier by growing and supplying boxes with these specialist medical plants please contact me.


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