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lockdown bedI am urgently looking for people or organisations to help improve the communities gut health and hence immune system by manufacturing and distributing Gbiota boxes.

There seems to be a total lack of understanding of just how different this delta virus is – I suggest you read this by Raina MacIntyre Professor of Global Biosecurity at the UNSW

This delta virus is a totally different and more deadly beast – sections of our Government seem to have just given up and say we should let the virus run rampant in our communities. As Raina says that will mean many people will die – but we can move the odds in our favour by improving the strength of the communities immune system.

Since the start of this pandemic we have seen an attitude from sections of our Government of ‘she’ll be right mate’ and no action.

So we – as a community have to take action ourselves – we need people who are prepared to get off their b*ms and do something.

So here it the action plan.

Recruit Gbiota box manufacturers

Gbiota symbolWe need local Gbiota box suppliers who can support their local community.

Legally these will be independent operations but they will be licensed to use the Gbiota™ name and technology. It is important that we don’t have half baked imitations of the Gbiota bed so people have confidence in how they made and particularly the quality of the soil and most important the biology in the soil so I have trade marked the name Gbiota™ and the symbol.

They will manufacture the boxes and grow the plant to the stage where they are ready to start ‘tipping’.

When we have recruited enough I will investigate bulk purchase of appropriate boxes but in the short term suitable boxes are readily available.

The hardware for the box is simple, just make a hole add the fittings and connect a length of Ag pipe. See video How to grow food for a strong immune system

The base of the box is filled with organic waste, it is the job of the supplier to locate a suitable source, cafes, garden maintenance people and the local council are a good starting point.

The next layer will form the rhizosphere or root zone, this can be a mix of good quality soil and worm castings – Vermicast. I have located a bulk source in Queensland but transport costs may be an issue.

I make my own from the baskets in my in ground Gbiota beds. Suppliers may like to set up their own in-ground bed to supply Gbiota food as well as the boxes.

wormsThis needs worms, again I have located a source of worm eggs of the appropriate species which are readily posted – they just take a few weeks to germinate and get breeding and after that they are everywhere where there is worm food.

I have used vermiculite to reduce the weight of the box and improve soil texture. This may depend on the distribution method.

The very top layer is the germination. I use a layer of Biomin at a depth of 3mm covered with a layer of Vermiculite, these and worm eggs are readily available from my web

Suitable sprouting seeds are readily available on line and the choice will depend on climate and customer demand. I use sprouting broccoli (not regular broccoli), spinach, linseed, alfalfa, Purple Amaranth, red and Chinese cabbage and radish on a regular basis.


I will conduct umbrella marketing, – promoting the importance of food to enhance the gut biology and immune system – both on my webs and by providing sales literature.

I anticipate that, at some time, it may be beneficial to retain the services of a professional marketing company with the appropriate skills (if I can find an honest one).

I have a multi vendor web site I expect that suppliers would create a page – (or give me the information for me to make a page for them) so the public can locate suppliers. This can also be used for on line selling if appropriate.

Sales and distribution

Suppliers are expected to take care of their own sales and distribution in whatever way they think best. I see on the news that the Army is involved with food distribution in some lock down situation.

I would certainly expect growers to make contact with their local council and other organisations who may be involved with food distribution in lock downs.

While the tipping are very light the actual boxes can be quite heavy – depending on size from 20 – 50Kg which is why we need local suppliers.

While some people may maintain the boxes themselves there may be people who just want to grow and tip then change the boxes over for a replacement box.

Costs and fees

If you read My story and The Anthropocene or watch my video How to grow food for a strong immune system you will see this is not focused on profit but providing a benefit for the community now and my grand kids and their grand kids sometimes in the future.

I see Delta as an emergency but it will pass – and I would like to see a sustainable food system that has peoples health rather than corporate profits the focus – long after I have gone to my compost bin in the sky.

So I want to set up a system which is financially viable long term and that will involve some fees to cover the marketing and support costs. In the short term (say three months) I will cover these costs myself but all potential suppliers need to understand that there will be a system of fees to cover these costs but these will be reasonable based on the principle of priority of sustainable benefits for the community over short term profits.

The wrong priority is the cause of many of our problems.


What matters is end results not motives and that means taking action even in conditions of uncertainty – as we have now.

The very first action I want you to take is to email me to register that you are interested in becoming a supplier.

When I have some idea of the support for this project I can develop more detailed plans.

I look forward to hearing from you


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