The Wicking – Gbiota bed story

The battle of an innovator to change the global food system

I have decided to write a book about how we need to change our food industry.

Twenty years ago I pioneered Wicking beds and gave them their name. They went totally viral on the internet and are widely used across the globe, but unfortunately with much technical misinformation.

I am hoping that there are people reading this message who may have pictures of their Wicking beds and be willing to tell the story of how they learned about Wicking Beds and their experiences which I could use in my book.

Since those early days I have focused on modifying the Wicking Bed system to grow gut food, natural pre and pro biotics. I call these Gbiota beds.

We know our guts control our appetite, manufacture many of the chemicals we need to replace our body parts as they age and host much of our immune system, a cheap and convenient way of increasing health span – but they need to be fed. Gbiota beds are a low cost way of growing natural gut food, breeding beneficial biology in organic waste – a sustainable way of growing our food.

After the success of Wicking beds on the internet it was expected that this message would go viral on the internet. But not so.

People are fed up with the internet being used as a high pressure sales system using manipulating data to create false impressions for profit. (Lying)

The internet has changed from being one of the greatest sources of information for the public to a massive high pressure selling machine, a hot bed of manipulation of the truth with very skilful psychological advertising collecting our personal information and selling this to monopolistic mega corporations.

How has the internet changed from such a major social service to its current state and what does this mean for the future of humanity as technology, particularly artificial intelligence (spying) leaps ahead?

This is the story I want to tell about the food we all need to eat so I ask if you have pictures, information or views and comments that you pass them on to me.

I have created a special email for this project

Please understand that I will assume that by providing this information that you are giving me permission to use it unless you specifically indicate that this is private for my use only.

Thank you for your cooperation

Colin Austin

Any comments please contact me here

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