Food and becoming Adult



This is my grand daughter Nanna, she is now a real young lady around town having just passed her driving test.



What does she have in common with a caterpillar and beautiful butterfly?

She has just gone through one of the most important changes in life – metamorphosis.



Young kids have parent or carers to look after them and love them and it would appear they can live an almost idyllic life with nothing to worry about. I can remember that time when my kids would come up to me with a broken toy and say ‘daddy mend’ but then they go through this metamorphosis and become young adults and have to take decision about their lives for themselves

This is the time of greatest challenge they will ever face – they have to decide whether they adopt the paradigm and the conventional wisdom they have been taught or do they rebel and create their own paradigms.

It is an intensely important time in our lives, once we have been through this rebel phase we seem locked into the paradigms we have adopted and find it difficult to adopt new paradigms.

And sad to say us oldies have really screwed up the world so they really need to create their own new paradigms for the world we now face.

The great prosperity



There are some, mainly the old who talk about the good old days when things were so much better.

Let me tell you, as on older person, this is a pile of rubbish.

Two world wars, the great depression, wide spread poverty and the cold war and the threat of atomic annihilation. The good old days are just a myth.

We are now a rich and prosperous society and our prosperity has come from two sources – from technical innovation and a conviction on what is right and wrong, an instinctive sense of basic morality.

When we have stuffed things up it is because we have forgotten what has enabled us to become the dominant creature on earth – our empathy and willingness to cooperate with other humans and the natural world we live in.

We fail when we put self interest, greed and power ahead of the community. We reap the rewards, we can see this when think about social inequality, climate change, even Covid is connected to our disregard for the natural world and particularly in this so called information the way facts, true in specific circumstances are presented to us in a way which manipulates our understanding of the real world – a roundabout way of saying we are lied to on a scale never seen before.


Innovation is not just about being clever, although a level of technical competence is required but above all a willingness to challenge the conventional thinking. It is about paradigm busting.

Innovation is about changing the world and it is my conviction that innovators have a responsibility to see that the innovation is used to benefit humanity.

Never before have we seen the rate of innovation we are now experiencing and never have we been more challenged to ensure that it is working for the benefit of humanity Read the full story here it is a long story on food and innovation as a .pdf butg well worth the read

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