Feed your gut brain

Gbiota smoothie

Gbiota smoothie

My interest is how to grow plants that improve our gut brain – one of the most vital organs in our bodies and the key to health.

They are a genuine brain having trillions of cells communicating with each other – just like a supercomputer.

They control our appetite, host our immune system and manufacture a range of complex chemicals to build and regenerate our body parts.

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If you need help on setting up your Gbiota bed contact me – yes I am a real person and am fighting the modern trend of junk food and manipulation of the truth.

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If you want to learn more why the gut micro biome is so important for health keep reading.

Our guts – a vital organ

gut brain

gut brain

Our guts are one of the most vital organs in our bodies, they are a genuine brain having trillions of cells communicating with each other – just like a supercomputer. They control our appetite, host our immune system and manufacture a range of complex chemicals to build and regenerate our body parts.

Our gut biology evolved by us eating wild living plants which naturally act as both pre and pro biotics containing the living biology and food for it to flourish and breed. Gut biology starts in the soil. Our ancestors had far healthier and more varied gut biology than modern people.

Modern food

modern food

modern food

By comparison modern food contains a surplus of energy food (fats and sugars) but is sadly lacking in the complex chemicals biology our gut brain needs. It senses this lack, sending out hunger signals leading to the current health epidemic of excess storage of fat, diabetes, heart attacks and dementia.

We are destroying the land which we need to grow nutrient rich biologically active food essential for health.

We need to change to a food system based on recycling rather than degrading our planet – regenerative agriculture.

Good bugs and bad bugs

good bug

good bug

We totally depend on the good bugs but it is just a fact of life that there are some nasty bugs around that make us sick or kill us. They don’t actually mean to kill us, all they really want to do is eat and breed inside us but they sometimes get it wrong and kill us which is no good for us or them.

bad bug

bad bug

Us humans are very good at some things, we are really good at making toxic chemicals which kill living things, often all living things. We have antibiotics which are often broad spectrum but can be can be targeted to specific bugs. We even have vaccines which don’t actually kill anything but train our immune system to kill specific bad bugs.

But what we tend to forget is that of the trillions of bugs on earth only a few are really bad, many are pretty apathetic and are the bug equivalent of the couch potato and just want to sit on the couch and watch TV.

break down rocks

break down rocks

But what we really fail to appreciate is that bugs were on this earth first, they helped convert inert rocks into soil and there would be no life on earth as we know – if were not for those good bugs.

These good bugs are everywhere, in the soil, in our guts and in fact all over our bodies and they are protecting as and controlling the bad bugs. If you have a good selection of good bugs acting as your personal defence force you are much less likely to die from the bad bugs.


Ecoli in gut

Every year we hear of some outbreak of E-coli with people dying. But right now I and probably you have E-coli swimming around inside us and causing no harm whatever.

That is because the good bugs are controlling the numbers of E-coli. They don’t kill them but they can out compete them so they don’t have adequate food and can’t breed effectively.

And this system works and has worked for hundred of thousands of years because the conditions favour the good bugs at the expense of the bad bugs. It is just a question of managing the conditions.

Ecological balance

ecological balance

ecological balance

Until the current pandemic we were making amazing process in protecting ourselves from infectious diseases.

Modern foods are hygienic to the point of being inert and sterile, they are full of the energy foods of fats and sugars but they provide little if any food for our gut brain – let alone replacement biology.

We may have deluded ourselves into thinking we are protecting ourselves by killing off the bad bugs but we have also killed or starved the beneficial bugs which can protect us from the bad bugs by out competing and out breeding the bad bugs.

It is simply a question of creating the right conditions so the good bugs out breed the bad bugs.

This is ecological balance.

The good and bad of modern foods

Modern foods are actually doing a good job of providing the world population with energy foods, it is cheap, convenient and generally taste good. But it is not feeding our essential gut brain.

That is what the Gbiota technology is all about. Growing food where the conditions favour the good bugs so they can replace our gut bugs as they die, provide them with food but out compete the bad bugs.

Gbiota beds

Gbiota  beds grow plants with the essential nutrients and biology so our guts can control our appetite, tends our immune system and regenerate our body parts.

The basic inputs are fully sustainable – food and green waste, manures, rock dust, worms and inoculants. If the conditions are right we will breed up the really beneficial biology which is essential for a healthy human life and control the bad bugs.

The key is in the moisture level, if it is too wet we will bread up the bad bugs, if it is too dry the good bugs wont breed so we need the Goldilocks moisture level not too wet and not too dry – just right.

We do that by the partial flood and drain system where we wet the soil then let the water drain away.

And we don’t need to have a Ph. D in micro biology to tell us if the moisture and nutrient level is right.

Worms are like the canary in the coal mine, if we have a good density of worms we can be pretty sure that the moisture level, and hence the micro biology, is good.

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