The School Gbiota bed project

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Food, facts and fibs

How to grow plants to enhance our gut biology

Happy 81st Birthday colin – time to change the world

Happy 81st Birthday Colin But hurry you don’t have much time to change the world

how to grow food for trace minerals and biology

how to grow food which will provide the trace minerals and biology essential for health


learn how to think good

How to think good to solve our biggest problem – food that will make us healthy and still be sustainable

food wars explained

Explains why health span is decreasing while life span has been increasing


gut biology – does it work

 How to find out if improving our gut biology really leads to better health

the story of food part 3

 how a super computer inside our guts may be the key to a long and healthy life

food for health part 2

 Series of videos explaining how the way we grow our food affects our health. Episode 1 looks at food to replace our body parts as they wear

story of food part 1

 Series of videos explaining how the way we grow our food affects our health. Episode 1 looks at energy foods

Gbiota growing plants for gut health – cooperative food

 Cooperative groups can change our food system from exploitation with tired worn out soils to a circular food system providing essential phytonutrients and beneficial biology leading to a healthier gut and longer health span.

Gbiota How to grow plants for gut health

 How to grow plants for gut health using Gbiota beds to add beneficial biology, phyto and micro nutrients

Gbiota and our intelligent control system

 How our health is determined by our intelligent control system which lives in our guts

Gbiota – disabling the virus

 We don’t have the technology to kill the virus, but we can stop it breeding by a healthy gut, for one person this may be the difference between surviving or dying, but if enough people had a healthy gut we could eliminate the virus from the face of the earth

Gbiota – How to grow plants that strengthen the immune system

 With lock downs across the world there is a need for a dead simple Gbiota bed so anyone can grow vegetables which are the best way to make natural pre and pro biotics. This videos show how to make you own Gbiota bed

Gbiota beds and immunity

 How Gbiota beds can enhance our gut biology and our immune system to increase our protection against the Corona virus

Corona joke

 How the Corona virus views us humans – just for fun

Gbiota – fighting Corona with gut biology

 We should focus on improving the strength of our gut biology so there are many more people in society able to resist the virus

gbiota beds

 How Gbiota beds improve gut health and help to fight the Corona virus

Fresh food revolution

 How the fresh food revolution will change the industry and lead to improved gut health, combat diabetes, obesity, dementia and the Corona virus

food for health tipping

 Tipping is eating young shoots, it enhances gut biology and stops food cravings


 How to create an alternative food system – technology, logistics and economics

food for health

 Not Greta – creating an alternative food supply

food for health

 linking health conscious eaters with regenerative farmers

food for health

 How to change your diet by linking to regenerative farmers

food for health – society

 Technically we know how to grow food to make people healthy and to reverse the chronic disease epidemic. But any new technology changes the way society works. Here we look at how society needs to change to take advantage of the improved ways of growing healthy foods.

food for health – gut biology

 We may be winning the war against infectious diseases but non-infectious diseases or chronic diseases are outweighing the gains causing a health epidemic. The reason is damage to our gut biology which acts as an intelligent controller deciding how much and what types of food we want to eat. This is not going to be changed by some magic diet but by tuning each individuals gut biology by a customising diet.

food for health – cooking for taste

 Lina shares her tips on how to cook food so it tastes good after a busy day at work

Food for health – food shopping

 Candy and Nana go shopping and we learn what kids want to buy

food for health – quick and easy

 Colin – the engineer – show how he can make a meal in 5 minutes fro garden to plate

food for health – overview

 Over view of how food affects our health by changing our gut biology which controls what and how much we want to eat


 Growing sprouts, microgreens and babygreens in wicking bed baskets