The essence

Our guts do much more than help us digest our food. Our guts are part of the system which acts as an intelligent control system regulating our appetite, what and how much we eat and where and how much is stored as fat in our bodies. They are home to 70% of our immune system. 90% of people who die from the virus have been eating a diet lacking essential ingredients.

A healthy gut is critical to our health and increasing our health span*.

If we eat the right sort of food we have a healthy gut and can expect a long healthy life,

If we eat the wrong sort of food our guts sense the lack of essential nutrients creating food cravings which lead to the chronic diseases of diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and dementia.

We need to incorporate into our diet gut food, Gbiota food, full of the food our guts thrive on – fibre, essential minerals and phytonutrients particulalry what our bugs like even more than ice cream – fibre. These come from the soil so we need a nutrient rich biologically active soil.

Ok you may say, I like the idea of eating health food but is it too expensive. 100% wrong. The main input is waste food and organic material which is not only a waste product but actually costs money to otherwise dispose of and pollutes our atmosphere.

Gbiota food is increases our health span, lowers the risk of diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, dementia improves our immune system and the chances of dying from the virus and is actually cheaper.

So what is the snag? Gbiota food does not come from a supermarket in pretty boxes and supported by a multi billion dollar advertising campaign it comes from a farm down the road.

That is what Gbiota beds are for.

* life span is how long we live, health span is how long we remain fit, active and healthy

The circular revolution and the Gbiota Club

Colin Austin 15 Sep 2020 © Creative commons this document may be reproduced and republished but the source should be acknowledged.

Has the world gone crazy?

Just a few moments looking at any screen is enough to make anyone think the world has gone crazy, whether its the virus, autocratic Governments, the controllers of our mega corporations putting profits ahead of public benefit, climate change, the destruction of the planet, a food system which is damaging our health it’s enough to make anyone wonder.

And those helpful individuals who point out how much worse things were before, – two worlds wars, nuclear destruction, the great depression, the Spanish flue – trying to make us think that things are not so bad, make things even worse.

Yet the fact remains that we are the most successful creature on the planet and our success comes from three simple causes.

First we are an intelligent creature, more than any other creature – artificial intelligence may perform calculations many times faster and remember more data than we can even dream off it still cannot develop new concepts like us humans or even show common sense.

Secondly we are adaptable. We have spread over the surface of the earth adapting to different conditions and thrived. When we fail it is because we fail to adapt.

Climate change is not an intrinsic problem, there is enough energy falling on a few square kilometre to provide all the power we need – but we fail to adapt.

We are producing enough energy food to feed the entire worlds population for years to come, we know we need food to replace our body parts and our guts which work as part of our intelligent control system which makes us overeat if it senses a deficiency – but we fail to adapt.

We are destroying our soils which are the essence of life – yet we fail to adapt.

Thirdly we are naturally a cooperative species. Put us naked in a natural environment and we have little chance of surviving let alone breeding, yet as a group we thrive.

Yet we often forget these three basic human characteristics which make us so successful.

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