Growing gut food

Colin Austin 2 September 2020 ©Creative commons this document may be reproduced but the source should be acknowledged. Information may be used for private use but commercial use requires a license.

I have this vision of people setting up micro farms to provide nutritious food that enhances their gut health for their family and local people. This is my plan to make that happen but first how did I get into gut health?

My interest is in how to grow plants which improve gut health.

It all started when my wife, a medical doctor, became diabetic – a truly life changing event. Her foot was turning black and the experts wanted to amputate. They were focused on medical procedures – pills and surgery and seemed to have little understanding of the importance of diet.

I learned that the gut really is a brain, which regulates our automatic body functions particularly our appetite and how much and where we store fat.

So I went into learning mode, learned how to grow food that would strengthen our guts and make us healthy and grew a lot of healthy food. My wife still has both legs, which I am very happy about and her diabetes is under control.

So is everything find and dandy? Well no. I began to understand just how pervasive gut problems really are, diabetes, obesity and the related heart attacks, dementia spread across the globe.

The world upheaval from the virus just underlines the point with some 40% of people that die are diabetic and 90% are eating the sort of diet that lead to excess storage of fat.

I think this is not just an issue for me and my wife, this is a global issue.

So I developed the Gbiota bed growing system with breeding areas for the beneficial biology, nutrients, timers and pumps. Technically great someone has to use it to put healthy food into people mouths.

I have vision I could help start a local industry with people setting up micro farms to earn a living and supply people with a compromised health in their neighbourhood.

This is my vision, all eminently practical but how do make this happen? The internet may be an amazing means of communication but is now so saturated with dubious promotions that people just dismiss new ideas as just fake news.

And on top of that we have the food industry, the worlds largest industry spending some four billion dollars a year on very clever advertising with nubile young couples frolicking in water falls and happy families playing cricket on the beach – just to sell food which is nothing more than sugars, fats, salts and flavourings which they pretending is healthy energy food. They are half right, it is full of energy but definitely not healthy.

Now last time a looked at my bank account I didn’t see four billion dollars that I had not noticed before, so need a new strategy.

We live in a world saturated with false information, outrageous claims that have no basis in fact, it is not the era of big data – it is the era of big bad data. So why should anyone believe a single word I, or anyone else says.

But they will believe what they can see and feel with their own eyes.

So I said to myself I must develop a dead simple way that anyone, with just a little bit of space, can grow food to enhance their gut biology.

They can then see for themselves that this really works, they can feel their appetite change and see the food craving disappear, they can measure their weight and size of their tummy, if they are diabetic they can measure their blood sugar levels – they can convince themselves.

When there is enough people who see the benefits we can move on to the next stage of setting up local micro-farms.

So I have created two new posts.

Gbiota Easy grow explains how almost anyone can set up a dead simple Gbiota bed to grow nutritious food to feed their gut biology, may be a bit crude but it works and there is plenty of information on this web on how to set up a full blown Gbiota bed.

Gbiota Why is a technical article about how food affects our gut biology and health, may be not nice reading, its a bit detailed and all about guts, bugs, poop and other things that would turn many people off. But this is the way of the world and this information need to be available.

To see just how easy it is to make a Gbiota bed goto Gbiota easy

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