What is the Gbiota Club

Our guiding principles

If our grand kids are going to have a life we need to resolve three critical issues.

Until recently life span has been steadily increasing with expected life rising from the fifties to the eighties, largely due to advances in medical science. Health span has been steadily declining with an epidemic of chronic disease, diabetes, obesity, heart attacks and dementia occurring at steadily lower age levels, largely due to changes in diet. 

Current demands on the planet are totally unsustainable, climate change is certainly well debated but we are wasting some 40% of the food actually grown while simultaneously destroying the soil on which life depends, this is totally unsustainable. 

The success of humans is because we are naturally cooperative, but the pressure for profits and power are overriding this natural cooperativeness.

These are all linked together.

The Gbiota club is simply an informal group of people who want to change the way we grow our food so it increases our health span, recycles the mountains of waste food and we want to do this in a cooperative way.

Our gut biota

The trillions of cells in our guts communicate with each other, our head brain and sense how our digestion is working and automatically take decision on what we should be eating and how much and how much and where we should store fat in our bodies.

We have evolved over millions of years to have an intelligent control system to manage our bodies.

But this does depend on our guts having the right biology which comes largely from eating the right sort of food.

Food with the right biology and a spectrum of minerals and fibre leads to a healthy gut and our immune system which protects us.

A diet too high in sugars and fats leads to an unhealthy gut which sens out the wrong signals which ends up with us overeating and becoming fat.

This is not solved by simply cutting back and sugary fatty foods, that may work short term but rarely works long term. We need to eat food which leads to a healthy gut so it sends out the right signals so we don’t overeat the wrong food.

If we have a healthy body and immune system we don’t have to think about counting calories in some special diet, we just have to follow the signals from our intelligent controls system. Our gut understand better than any diet that if we have just a twenty k walk we need to eat a good meal and if we have been stuck in an office we only need a tiny snack.

We follow our gut feel.

Action not words

This is what we understand but the aim of the club is not just to think but to take action.

The first step is to learn how to grow plants that will lead to the beneficial gut bugs. We have been doing this for over many years and have accumulated significant expertise and technology.

Home growers

Some members of the club just want to grow Gbiota food in their own garden for their own use and just want to benefit from the technology. They are valuable members of the club by demonstrating the importance of gut health and spreading the message.

Commercial growers

But not everyone has the time, land and expertise to grow their own food. So we encourage members to set up micro farms to grow food for local people. Fortunately growing Gbiota food is very intense so significant food can be grown in a small area so it is possible for people to run a micro-farm within or close to a city.

But one of the issues facing all club members is that their is a missive food industry selling sugary fatty foods which they spend billions of dollars advertising as healthy.

So it is important that people know that the Gbiota food is grown following defined procedures. One aim of the club is to describe the procedures for growing Gbiota food so people buying this food can be assured that this is grown according to procedures. These procedures include adding essential nutrient and trace minerals to the soil, allowing beneficial biology to propagate in the soil which in reality means recycling waste organic material.

The Gbiota club does not manufacture of sell any products, but we negotiate with companies that produce the products, such as minerals, biology and worms so club members can buy these essential materials with an assurance of quality and at competitive prices.

Growers offering Gbiota food are expected to use these products so their customers are assured the essential minerals and biology are in the food.

Gbiota cafes

While some club members are happy to buy Gbiota food from the Gbiota growers and cook themselves there are other club members who want to buy prepared Gbiota food so any group of members are the cafes and restaurants who want to offer Gbiota food.

Quality assurance

Gbiota is a registered name and anyone offering Gbiota food for sale can use the name but so the customer has an assurance of quality they must ensure they are using the correct procedures.

The club has the web site www.gbiota.com which is essential a technical resource with a combination of basic posts with some more in depths articles which may or may not be of interest.

We also have a Facebook page ‘Gbiota Club’ to share information and we have established a web site www.pickandeat.shop where club members can display their products and people can but directly with assurance.

Social movement

The club is primarily a social movement rather that being focused on profits, which is the basic reason why modern food is so unhealthy.

But the club has to survive as a viable organisation.

Membership of the club is free, their are no joining or annual subscriptions but there are small royalty, typically 5%, on some sales made through the www.pickandeat.shop web site to contribute to the cost of running the web and the development of technology and support of members all of which are otherwise free.

So why not join the Gbiota club? Just email me colinaustin@bigpond.com


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