Dis-enabling the Corona virus

Yesterday the world changed. New Zealand has an explosion of new Corona cases. Stuck in the middle of thousands of miles of ocean, with a highly popular Prime Minister for her obvious humanity and caring and prepared to act quickly and decisively, NZ was a beacon of hope.

This shows just how contagious this virus is and how we are all exposed until this virus is eliminated from the face of the earth.

This web site describes the technology of dis-enabling the virus which instead of trying to kill the virus, which is beyond our technology, aims to dis-enable it so it cannot breed.

We need a committed team of twelve people to implement the plan which starts by trying to reduce the tragic deaths in our age care system then sets up local virus free clusters centred around cafes as a food and communication hub.

If you may be interested in joining the team please email me at colinaustin@bigpond.com

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Delusional or snake oil salesman?

If someone claimed they had a way of eliminating the Corona virus from the face of the earth you would be perfectly justified in thinking that either he should be placed in a mental institution specialising in delusion or he was just a  crooked snake oil salesman.

But what happens if he is right? It would mean that hundreds of thousands of lives would be saved, we could avoid the misery of lock downs, society would come back to normal and trillions of dollars would be saved. It would certainly be among the greatest benefits for our species.

Hopefully that possibility is enough for you to continue reading what I guarantee is going to be a dull boring article.

What do we mean by enabling and dis-enabling

The response to my my last news letter showed that people really understand the difference between enabled and caused.

A simple example it the touch screen on smart phones. Touch screen did not cause the developed of smart phones but it enabled them to be developed.

One nice example I received was the case of a forest with a dank under story from a local micro-climate. If some careless person dropped a cigarette it would probably not set the forest on fire.

But chop down the trees and let the grass grow and dry out in the sun and wind so there is an ocean of tall dry grass and the same cigarette will cause a major wild fire.

The same with the Corona virus, a weakened gut biology and immune system does not cause infection it just enables the infection to go viral.

But the question is how to we know that a weakened immune system is enabling the virus to spread? And how do we dis-enable it so we can all get back to life as normal?

Facts, fake news and snake oil salesmen

There is so much fake news and snake oil selling on the web these days I have to answer that carefully.

We know from the statistics which have been well studied by qualified medical researchers that 40% of the people that die from the virus are diabetic and 90% are eating a diet which would lead to storing fat in the body.

Now this is just a correlation which is not proof of anything, we all know that ambulances cause accidents because there is a high correlation between the presence of ambulances and accidents.

Unfortunately, that is the sort of logic I have to put up with every day in working out what is actually true or jumbled thinking.

One of the big problems with the field of diet and health is that they will use epidemiological studies which often give low levels of correlation (20 to 30%) and without a mechanism to explain how they work – so they can easily lead to false conclusions.

But this is different. First the level of correlation is extremely high. 90% correlation is getting close to certain and we have a mechanism for what is happening.

What is the mechanism?

Modern food is high in sugar. That is not particularly good but neither is it that bad. Our primary source of energy is a sugar (glucose) and our bodies have evolved over millions of years to manage our blood sugar levels.

What is seriously bad is the speed at which sugar can move in modern foods (and drinks) – this is totally new and our bodies just have not evolved to handle it.

It goes into panic mode and squirts out insulin to bring the blood sugar level down. But in panic mode it overshoots and the blood level drops to dangerous levels so we develop craving to eat something sweet – and quick.

Then we have another sugar spike followed by an insulin spike and so it goes on like a roller coaster.

What make it even worse it that modern food is low in essential minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients which again our bodies have evolved to use over millions of years. (Read more)

We really do have a gut brain which senses the lack of essential nutrients and again send out food craving signals. (See posts under food in the menu).

Modern medical researchers know about this by studying chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity and dementia – and we know how to reverse it by changing diet. (See posts under diabetes in the menu).

Does if work?

There is really only one test that matters – does it work?

It is easy for people to test for themselves that they can control the viruses food supply. All they have to do is grow and eat vegetables which will provide a full spectrum of essential minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients and the critical sugar blockers. I use my web to show how.

At the minimum they can see if this stops the food craving which lead to the sugar roller coaster but if they want to be more scientific they can measure there blood sugar.

In my tests I used a continuous blood sugar monitor so I could see all the spikes and how it was affected by diet. Just look at the graphs – sugar blockers work.

Corona virus is an infectious, not a chronic disease

So you may say that this may be true for a chronic disease but how can it apply to an infectious disease?

I would refer you back to my previous posts  here and the many other articles I have written on evolution, the importance of being able to breed and the gut brain. In essence for a virus to go viral it has to breed and to breed it has to feed. (See posts under food in the menu.)

If you ask yourself why is it that people eating a healthy diet seem perfectly able to defeat the virus while others eating a diet which leads to blood sugar spikes are prone to dying then it would be a reasonable to deduce that this is likely because the virus has an ample supply of food and can breed.

This is not proof just a reasonable deduction – but what if it were true? At the worst it would mean that a particular individual my have their life saved by improving their gut biology and immune system. (Some 80% of our immune system live in our guts).

At best it would mean that not only could we eliminate this virus from the face of the earth but we would have protection from the next virus that will surely come along.

Now surely that is something worth finding out for sure and there is only one way of finding out – do it.

And that I something I know how to do as I have been studying how to grow food to enhance gut biology for years in the battle against diabetes. (My wife Xiulan is a medical doctor and diabetic, see posts under growing in the menu.)

Here is the action plan.

Action plan

The action plan sounds on paper to be so simple. It is just a question of getting enough people to change their diet so they incorporate into their diet sugar blockers (which slow the crucial rate of sugar absorption down) and contain all the essential mineral, vitamins and phytonutrients to avoid food cravings.

We need enough people to get the critical R factor down to well below 1 when the virus will simply die off naturally. If R is above one we get the exponential growth we see around the world.

Sounds so easy. Technically it is, at the bottom of this post here there is a table with numerous plants which act as sugar blockers and contain all the know nutrients.

Normally I try and argue my case on verifiable facts that can be checked independently but just this once I ask you to trust me – if someone is really into chicken wings and chips then it requires super human skills to get them to give them up and start eating spinach and asparagus. You may win with one person but how to convince enough people so we can get that critical R number down?

That’s the challenge we all face if we want to get the R number down and eliminate the virus.

The two part solution – technology and organisation

Technology is the easy bit. For years I have been studying how to grow plants to improve health, particularly gut biology which is key to health, leading to a number of technologies, the Gbiota beds, Wicking beds and the old but still very functional Sponge beds. I can readily supply the information for growers to set up the facilities.

With the difficulty of persuading people to change their eating habits I have developed the Gbiota smoothie blended from the appropriate plants and can be effective when drunk before or with a meal.

But organisation – now that is a different matter. How do we get this beneficial product into the mouths of the people? How do I get the technology from  my head into people guts?

The internet – greatest technology of the twenty first century?

First step is to create the public interest. This is not a project for the conventional mass marketing with billion dollar advertising campaigns. At one time the Internet was a powerful marketing tool for new technologies. Unfortunately it has become the home for tinsel gimmicky advertising of shoddy products that no one believes.

The Internet has changed. Some twenty five years ago when I created my first web site www.waterright.com.au which I used to promote Wicking Beds the response was dramatic and now they are simply everywhere.

Now I can make a post about some important technology, I would rank eliminating the Corona virus as pretty important the old timers who follow me will take notice but it seems that new recruits either just don’t notice among the babble or they have become so cynical that they don’t spend the time to study the arguments.

So we need a new strategy, which I am calling the cafe project, and which I will no doubt be writing many posts about. It is based on reviving an old technology.

Stand in front of a mirror

Stand in front of a mirror and you will notice a hole where you put your food. Before the time when the standard method of communication was the text message people had this weird skill that old timers like me remember as talking.

We can learn from the virus. People still take notice of their trusted friends, they use this ancient technology called talking which we need to revive, one person tells a couple of people who in turn tell four people and the viral process starts.

On the web today there’s a lot of sites who just want your money and have very clever ways of execrating it from you, your friends want your trust and trust is more valuable than money. The upcoming ‘operation cafe’ is going to be interesting – stay tuned.

My job is to convince people that this is a social project which we will all benefit from by getting rid of the virus. Lets assume that happens and people reading this say have you seen Colin’s latest post at gbiota.com. Even if they have forgotten the art of talking they can still use social media.

So lets say we have reached the point where many people see the benefit – how do they get their mouths around Gbiota smoothies?


Home growers

The obvious way is for them to set up Gbiota beds in their back yards and grow the vegetables and blend the smoothies themselves. Some of them may actually eat the vegetables directly which is actually the best way. All the information is on the web under the Creative Commons system free for private use.

Soon I will be writing a post on the Creative Commons system which is a great system allowing people to be creative and share their ideas with the rest of the world while still getting some benefit for their creativity – watch out for it. (You can register to automatically be notified of new posts, just tick the box at the bottom of any post).

So far so good but that is only scratching the tip of the iceberg, we need a way so all people can benefit.

The virus and the unemployed

To answer that question just turn on the news. Millions of people around the world thrown out of work by the virus and cafe owners struggling to keep their business afloat.

Gbiota beds don’t need massive areas of land, Sponge and Wicking beds are even better suited to small area so it is easy to imagine a system of micro farms supplying local cafes.

The nice thing I like about this system is this is a social movement. A cafe is more than a place to have a cup of coffee and a meal. They have been a social place where people can meet since we first started living in villages.

Organic growth

We don’t need some massive multi national company to set this up – this is not about profits its about peoples health, preventing them dying and restoring an enjoyable life style again.

And that can happen totally organically in a series of steps

Step1 people talk to each other and form a group who choose having a good life over dying or a miserable life style.

Step 2 the go to a local cafe and tell the owner they want to have Gbiota smoothies with their meals

Step 3 the cafe owner locates suitable local growers who can supply the raw vegetables.

Step 4 the growers and the cafe owners contact me for details on how to grow the vegetables and blend the smoothies

Step 5 we all live happily ever after (or at least a lot better than now)