Eliminating Covid 19

We, that’s people like you an me working in a community action group, can eliminate this dreaded virus – we just need to understand some basics.

It is all about the magic R (for reproduction) number. If this is greater than 1 the virus expands exponentially – if it is less than 1 the virus will simply disappear from the face of the earth.

There are some super spreaders who can infect tens or even hundreds of people, there are other people who spread the virus – then die, and at the other extreme there are people who are totally asymptotic and eliminate the virus from their body without even thinking about it.

What makes these people so different? To answer that question we have to look at how evolution works. Evolution is typically described as survival of the fittest, the biggest and strongest wins but that is not really what evolution is all about. It is about being able to breed.

Frogs are not particularly ferocious creatures, I have never heard of the army being called out to protect our towns from killer frogs – but they are very effective breeders.

It is the same with the virus. When we get infected we may only have a single virus in our bodies and will be totally unaware that we are infected. But if the virus can breed up in our bodies in the typically exponential way after a week or so we may start to feel the symptoms, become sick and highly infectious for other people.

But if the virus is unable to breed it will simply die out.

Eliminating the virus is not a simple question of killing the virus, which at this moment is beyond our technology – it is a question of stopping it breeding.

Look at the many statistics on the studies into why some people get the virus and die and others don’t. One report showed that 40% of the people who died were diabetic. Others show that some 90% were eating the sort of diet that leads to diabetes and obesity. The virus has to feed to breed. If we eat food that leads to high blood sugar levels – the virus has plenty of food and can breed – the R number goes up, infection spreads and people die.

But it is not easy to change what people eat in an era of modern convenience food, tasty, full of sugar and fats, to a diet of real food, full nutrients and beneficial biology.

My wife is a medical doctor and a diabetic, a surgeon and very fanatical about cleanliness and killing germs. She was trained in sterilisation and has been brought up to think that all food must be thoroughly cleaned and cooked before eating. It was a difficult paradigm shift to the concept that not all bugs are bad and that there are beneficial bugs which release essential nutrients in both the soil and our digestive system and that they are essential for life and to protect us from the harmful bugs.

Beneficial biology are our allies.

We are inadvertently feeding the virus allowing it to breed up.

It is commonly thought that diabetes is a result of eating too much sugar in our modern diet. That is only part of the story, our bodies have evolved to be very good at controlling blood sugar levels. What they have not evolved is to handle the speed at which sugar can enter our blood from our modern foods.

This results in a sugar spike which in a health body will manage with a big squirt of insulin so the sugar is stored as fat and our blood sugar levels not only drop but overshoot so we get cravings to eat more sugary foods. This is the insulin sugar roller coaster.

Many plants are highly effective sugar blockers, they don’t actually block the sugar but they do slow the process so our bodies can effectively control our sugar levels.

This is amplified by modern foods being low in essential minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients. My job is to study how to grow real food in nutrient rich biologically active soil which leads to a healthy gut biology which is the key to health. All that information is available free of charge for private use on my web site gbiota.com.

But I know from experience that many people (including my wife) think this is just rabbit food so I have developed a way of making smoothies which are tasty enough and can be used as a sugar blockers and a source of beneficial biology and phytonutrients.

We don’t have to convince people to totally change their diet, we just need to convince them to have a glass of Gbiota smoothie before or with their meals.

But will this stop the virus? Let us be clear, it will not stop any one individual from catching the virus nor will it cure them if they do catch it but a healthy gut biota and blood sugar under control my be the difference between a successful recovery and dyeing.

But that is not enough to eliminate the virus. We need to get the R value down by having many people with a healthy gut biota and immune system which can ward of infection and starve the virus so it cannot breed.

It is like the warehouse full of ammonium nitrate in Beirut set off by an electric welder. The welder, like the virus, is part of the problem but the real problem was the tonnes of ammonium nitrate. A population with a weakened gut biota and immune system is like a sitting duck just waiting for this or the next virus to come along and cause havoc.

We need a population with a healthy gut biota and immune so this, or any new virus, does not do what viruses do – go viral.

What we do need is for this message to go viral.

This is a community project, run by the people by the people. I am regularly updating my web so people have access to all the information they need, both technical and logistics.

I asking volunteers to use social media, contact the media, 7.30, The Drum, Gardening Australia etc. and even being old fashioned and talking to friends to get the word out and make this message go viral.

I am happy to chat if you want to talk to me directly about this project.

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