Our intelligent control system

This web site is focused on how food affects our health.

We evolved eating wild foods, rich in nutrients but low in sugars and fats which are our natural energy source. Evolving over millions of years on a low energy diet means we are extremely efficient extractors of energy foods.

Our modern food is exactly the opposite – high in energy foods but low in nutrients. This lack of nutrients is sensed by our intelligent control system which sends out hormones so we develop cravings for more food and end up eating more sugary fatty foods than we need.

Result – the modern epidemic of diabetes, obesity, heart disease and dementia.

But we can learn from history and people living in the blue zones who are fit, active and healthy well into their nineties.

Many people diet to try and override our intelligent control system, which may work short term but long term is approaching impossible. We need to make sure we have all the nutrients we need so our bodies stop producing those hunger hormones.

We can’t change our DNA but we can change our gut biology – thats what the Gbiota project is all about.

Our gut brain

The trillions of cells in our guts communicate with each other to create a genuine gut brain which regulates our bodies – how much to eat and how much and where to store fat and is the home of much of our immune system.

The decision our gut brain takes depends on the species in our gut biota (Gbiota). Changing our Gbiota can make us fat or thin or have a strong or weak immune system.

Initially our Gut Biota comes from our mums, during birth and while breast feeding. After that we can change it by what we eat.

In the blue zones around the world people are fit and healthy into ripe old age because they have a healthy gut from eating plants grown in nutrient rich, biologically active soil.

Modern food tends to be high in fat and sugars which leads to a sugar loving Gut biota and the current health epidemic of diabetes, obesity, heart attacks, and dementia.

We can eat a wide spectrum of plants similar to those grown in way we evolved with and in the blue zones. The soil should be similar to that found in a wild forest, full of decomposing organic material and minerals and free of toxic chemicals.

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This is why Gbiota beds were developed – you can read about these in posts in the growing section.

Some people are prepared to spend the time eating a full plate of plants which are really fresh having just been harvested from the kitchen garden. This may be the best way but for many people they find the food a bit boring and it just does not fit into their modern life style.

Gbiota smoothies are made from plants grown in Gbiota beds, picked that morning and coarse blended (to preserve the plant biology) with some fruit in your favourite cafe.

This makes a palatable drink which can be conveniently consumed with a meal. They also act as a sugar blocker read about sugar blockers here.

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