Sugar blockers

Gut biology is ever changing

Our gut biology changes over time depending on our diet. People eating a typical western diet have a gut biology geared toward sugar consumption – very different to our natural gut biota focused on plants. Hidden sugars are the real issue.

Our intelligent control system

The trillions of cells in our guts communicate with each other to create a genuine gut brain which regulates our bodies. A sugar focused gut will send out signals for us to eat more sugary food.

Sugars not intrinsically bad

Sugars are not intrinsically bad, in fact glucose is our primary energy source used by both our brain and body, other sugars like fructose taste a lot sweeter and can be a bit of a problem while lactose is what keeps babies happy. The problem is amount and speed.

You may have a sugar loving gut that send out signals for you to go and eat sugar, any sugar as long as it is sweet. You get a blood sugar spike which is sensed by your highly tuned intelligent control system so if you are a normal healthy person with a well functioning pancreas now worries – yet.

Out go the instructions to make insulin whose job is to push that sugar into your fat cells which apart from putting on a bit of weight is no health problem.

The sugar insulin roller coaster

But your body has evolved to make its own sugars from the classic leafy diet which is very slow acting and it simply cannot cope with the speed of modern sugary foods. So your body rushes out the insulin, with blue lights flashing, to deal with the sugar spike, which it may do very effectively but you now have an insulin spike.

The insulin spike pushes the sugar levels down beyond the low safety mark so your intelligent control system senses that you are approaching hypoglycemia or dangerously low sugar levels so it sends out yet more signals, with even brighter blue lights flashing, for you to eat something sugary and quick – as hypoglycemia can be deadly.

So no you have another sugar spike and so it goes on in a sugar – insulin roller coaster.

Our bodies are remarkably resilient and can handle that quite well just putting on a bit of weight until the excess fat starts to flood into our pancreas so it cannot make any more insulin – which is when when we become seriously diabetic.

Mood swings

You may or may not be worried about putting on a bit of fat, but you should be aware of the moods swings that go with with this roller coaster.

During this cycle the body releases a series of hormones, cortisol, adrenaline, epinephrine, noradenaline and glutamate which lead to associated mood swings, over exuberance, depression, jittery, excitability and numbness which can be a pain for you and a worse pain for people you live with.

Sugar blockers

So what can we do about this? In the short term we can use Gbtioa smoothies as a sugar blocker. The term sugar blocker is not strictly correct as it does not really block the sugar but it is the term used in the medical literature.

What really happens is all the fibre in the Gbiota smoothie slows down the rate of sugar entering the blood stream giving your body a chance to catch up.

It works as a short term fix so if you can’t resist that piece of cheese cake then having a Gbiota smoothie before or with the cheese cake will dampen down the sugar spikes.

Evolution at work

But we have been evolving for millions of years and have developed some pretty smart ways of dealing with any natural sugar spikes. If we have a healthy body pancreas it will make insulin to bring the sugar levels down by absorbing the excess sugar into our blood cells.

Not exactly great but neither a major problem, the body is just doing its normal job.

But now we are left with too much insulin in the blood so our sugar level drops. We need sugar to make a body work, little things like keeping our heart pumping away so we don’t die, we really do need some sugar to keep the lights on.

So our body, (being smart having evolved for millions of years to protect us), pumps out hunger hormones so we have an irresistible desire to eat something sweet and boost our sugar levels. And if there happens to be a nice plate of cheese cake near by, you will have real difficulty in not getting stuck into that second or third slice.

This is where the problem really starts as you will now be on a cycle with the sugar levels swinging widely up and down.

Our bodies never evolved to cope with this situation as natural sugars are very slow acting so traditionally the sugar level remains stable but we simply have no effective strategy against modern highly available sugars.

If you do this often enough (even if you have a healthy pancreas to start with) you are on the road to full blown Type 2 diabetes.

That is where sugar blockers come in. They are not actually sugar blockers at all but that is the name they are given in the medical literature so I use the term. The sugar still goes into the blood stream but the sugar blockers absorb (and then slowly release) the sugar.

This slows the whole process down to a rate our bodies have naturally evolved to cope with.

So if you know you are not going to resist that slice of cheese cake then it is a smart to have a Gbiota sugar blocker before (or even while) you are being tempted.

Fortunately you sugar craving should reduce if you are having Gbiota smoothies on a regular basis.

Plants with a high fibre level make good sugar blockers but are far from the ultimate in either taste or texture.

Lentils are a good sugar blockers and also a way of increasing Omega 3 levels which are reported to help manage cholesterol levels and improved HDL levels.

It does seem however that there is considerable debate in medical circles about the true meaning of cholesterol as it is known to be essential for cell activity, all I can add is that Lipitor is the most profitable drug of all time.

Changing gut biology

The only long term solution is to change your gut biology back to normal (in the evolutionary sense). This is a lot more pleasant than having a leg chopped of from diabetes but no one is going to pretend it is a particularly pleasant process.

It works by starving the bad sugar eating biota and feeding the beneficial biota so it means giving up all those sugary treats for up to three weeks and drinking a lot of Gbiota smoothies which are full of beneficial biology with all the fibres to feed them, it is essentially a natural pre and pro biotic.

We must also recognise that the bulk of our immune system lives in our guts, a healthy gut means a healthy immune system.

But a word of warning.

Gbiota smoothies are simply made by blending up a spectrum of natural plants. If you have been eating a typical Western diet you may simply not have the gut biology to process a high fibre food. We therefore suggest that at first you just have small glasses of Gbiota smoothies to give your body time to adjust and ensure that you can handle the change in diet.

Also if you have Celiac disease and cannot handle gluten you need to tell your blender not to use any wheat or barley products.

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