Creating an alternative food system

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The nutrition war zone

Nutrition must be one of the most controversial, opinionated yet critical topics on the planet.

Go on line and an ocean of confusing and contradicting views fuelled by inscrutable scientific data, dogma powered by a tsunami of abuse.

It would be funny if it were not so vital for humanity, we are suffering from an epidemic of diabetes, obesity with it’s associated heart attacks and dementia which still dwarfs the deaths from the Corona virus. But even here people eating a healthy diet are far more likely so survive the virus than those eating a poor diet.

We are also destroying the soils on which our future survival depends – this is serious stuff.

This blog is my attempt to change our food system from being riddled with misinformation in the desire for profits to one focused on the health of the community.

Its personal for everyone

If I come over as on the extreme side this is because this is not some academic interest, my wife a qualified surgeon and doctor was well on the way to having her leg amputated as it turned black from diabetes, largely from misinformation from her medical colleagues.

The situation was only reversed by a serious change in diet and thankfully she still has both her legs.

But for everyone facing the consequences of our poor diet this is personal for them, not part of some statistics.

How food is grown really matters

One aspect of our food is how it is grown, there is an immense literature on the benefits of certain vegetable, Kale comes immediately to mind – and true if grown in nutritious, biologically active soil. But often it is not – no vegetable grown in tired soil lacking in nutrients and sprayed with toxic chemicals can be beneficial.

A consistent theme throughout the many blogs is that we need to focus on the soils in which we grow our food. Health starts in the soil.

Our gut brain is the master regulator

But the first port of call for our food is our guts which are not some dumb collection of trillions of cells – they communicate to form genuine intelligence which regulates our bodies, how much and what we eat is the home of much of our immune system which protects us 24/7 from harmful micro-organism.

Eating a diet which leads to a healthy gut biota is the key to our health. Health may start in the soil but it grows inside out gut brain.

Benefiting us all

The Gbiota is a powerful technology for improving our food supply, our health in general and our immune system and the management of fats and insulin. But a technology, however good by itself is not going to benefit anyone if it is not widely available to everyone at a price people can afford.

This widespread availability is not going to be achieved by a massive advertising campaign on a for profit basis – there is excessive promotion and manipulation of the truth in the food industry already.

People need to know that the food they are eating is authentic and the way to do that is to buy from a grower you trust. Technically this is easy in the age of the internet and buying on line but there is a need to create local groups to work together – a social movement.

People power is far more effective than multi billion dollar advertising campaigns. These ideas will go viral from people just talking or using social media to communicate with each other then.

We can learn from the Corona virus, at first just one person was infected and in a very short time it had spread across the world.

It is a very simply message to spread, we need beneficial biology in our guts, we get that from eating food grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil. This is not about profits, it is simply that it is a better world for us all to live in if we all have access to clean air, and water, and healthy food grown in a sustainable way. Do it for your grand kids!

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