History of food

A billion or so years ago

micro-biology began to break down the rock to release minerals, and make soil.

Plants grew to provide energy for the micro-biology and themselves died to produce nutrient rich soil.

A million or so years ago

 Pre human creature ate a wide variety of plants loaded with nutrients, minerals and vitamins developing very strong gut biology and immune systems. We now call these phytonutrients – nutrients from plants.

But the plants contains little energy so they had to spend a lot of time chewing and eating.

There diet was full of nutrients but low in energy food – fats and sugars but their bodies were very effective at converting the plants to energy food.

A couple of hundred thousand or so year ago

Pre humans learned to manage fire and cook. They developed very powerful brains from the extra nutrition and became real humans and expert group hunters so we could eat animals that ate plants to get a lot more energy.

Ten thousand years ago

 we developed agriculture which gave us a lot more energy food but the soil were still rich in nutrients and we had gardens so we had a good balance of energy and nutrients. Our gut biology and immune system began to weaken which was not good as living in groups meant we were easy targets for infectious diseases.

Fifty years ago

 our soils were becoming depletes in nutrients and essential minerals but we started to use chemical fertilisers which led to a high energy low nutrient diet further weakening our gut biology and immune system. But we developed antibiotics so we were able to protect ourselves from most infectious diseases and life expectancy increased.

But the high energy low nutrient diet led to an epidemic of non infectious diseases like diabetes, obesity with its related heart disease and dementia.

Twenty years ago

We realised just how important those nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals really were so we created a mega industry producing pills to supplement our diet. But these pills did little to improve our gut biology and immune system.


But some people thought that paying a lot on money for pills was a bit silly when we could simply grow a wide variety of plants in nutrient rich biologically active soil which would strengthen our gut biology and immune system.

But most people though that all these plants were a bit tasteless and needed a lot of chewing so the idea never really caught on.

Ten weeks ago

 The world was given a big shake up and we suddenly realised just how important our gut biology an immune systems really were so some people thought we should take all those nutritious plants, turn them into smoothies and add some spices so they tasted really nice and the Gbiota smoothie was born.