We hope you feel satisfied from eating the food prepared to feed you but what about those trillions of cells in your guts that look after you.

They communicate with each other to provide real intelligence – your gut brain – which controls your appetite, monitoring if you are lacking key nutrients telling you need to eat or are satisfied and hosting 80% of your immune system that protects us from infection.

The biology in our guts are critical for out health and comes predominately from the plants we eat.

Our gut biota need to be fed too, and that means plants – but not just any old plant.

We may think of plants and just a source of food but they are much more complex than that. Each variety of plants has a DNA which encourages a specific variety of biology and when we eat them that biological strain is transferred to our guts.

Our micro-biology need to be fed gut food – that is plants with beneficial micro-biology – a spectrum of plants we call gbiota food.

We are now offering our regular customers Gbiota food to suplement their own food.

This is how we do it. We collect all our waste food and send this to our regenerative grower partner. He composts this, mixes this with volcanic rock dust which contain the full spectrum of essential trace minerals such as zinc, magnesium, selenium, iodine etc. together with a brew of beneficial biology to create a nutrient rich biologically active soil.

In this soil he grows a spectrum of baby greens selected for their micro-biology. The more diverse the species the healthier and resilient our guts will be but well known species are alfalfa, fenugreek, linseed, spinach, celery, sorrel and more.

You can choose to have this as a green smoothie or a side dish to your main meal.

You can read more about Gbiota food at www.gbiota.com read the overview then go the post ‘Nundah corner cafe’.