What is the Gbiota club?

Our guts are made from trillions of cells which communicate with each other to form an intelligent system – there really is a gut brain. This communicates with our head brain to form an intelligent control system which manages our bodies and is vital for our health.

Gbiota food is grown in soil with a healthy biology, nutrient rich in minerals and is irrigated by a flood and drain system to ensure the soil is aerobic to optimise the beneficial biology to grow plants which are powerful pre and pro-biotics to optimise gut health.

The wake up call


The corona virus is a wake up call for how we, the dominant species on earth, relate to each other and the earth on which we all depend.

Hopefully in the near future we will have developed the proper understanding of how the virus originated and why it was able to inflict so much damage to the global society. Right now we can be certain the root cause is the way we treat our natural environment to grow our food.

The Gbiota movement aim is to grow food which will make us healthy in a sustainable way while recognising that the key reason why we are the dominant species is because we are naturally an intelligent and cooperative species which works together for the benefit of society.

This will be a reversal of the current trend to a post truth, profit orientated society.

This front page overviews the technology of a food production system which will lead to improved health, in a sustainable and community orientated society. Read on and if you share our views join the Gbiota club.

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Our intelligent control system

We know our guts contain trillion of cells of thousands of different species. But our guts do much more then help digest our food, the cells communicate with each other, just like in a computer to create intelligence – the gut brain. Our gut brain in turn communicates with our head brain, which with our DNA, forms a master intelligent control for our bodies.

This master control regulates all our bodies activities and determines the physical and mental health of our entire body.

Most of the food we eat is used to provide energy to drive our body, there is no shortage in our diets of energy food but we need to incorporate into our diet food to feed our guts – that is pre and pro-biotics and plants are the worlds most effective pre and pro-biotics.

Our gut biology needs to be fed and will keep out sending out signals for us to eat more food until our gut biology is satisfied.

Our control system may detect we are lacking some key minerals and send out hunger signals until we have eaten sufficient of the missing mineral.

We don’t get fat simply because we eat too much, our intelligent control system decides for some reason we need to eat more, maybe because we are not feeding our gut biology, maybe cause we are lacking essential minerals or we simply need to store more fat so we eat more food – so we can get fat.

Like wise if our control systems sees our bodies are under attack from a virus it deals with the invader by our incredibly powerful immune system, if it fails to react or overreacts we end up seriously ill or dead.

Our gut brains, as part of this all powerful intelligent control system, needs to be fed gut food, we need to incorporate into our diet food deliberately grown and eaten to feed our gut biology.

This is Gbiota food to feed our Gut biota.

Gbiota food – plants are natural pre and pro-biotics

Initially we acquire our gut biology during birth but after that it is determined by what we eat. There are thousands of species in our guts, some beneficial others less so. They have a short life and are continuously breeding reaching an ecological balance depending on what we feed them by our diet. A healthy diet lead to a healthy gut.

Food that feeds our gut biology and enable them to breed are called pre-biotics. But we are continuously acquiring new gut biology from our food and our surroundings – these are called pro-biotics.

Plants are natural pre and pro-biotics and are far more effective than any pill. There effectiveness varies with how they are grown.

To understand how Gbiota food works we need to look at the entire process starting with the sun and soil and ending in our guts.

How it all started

 Go back some four billion years the earth was totally lifeless, just a big pile of rocks. But then micro biology began to break down the rocks releasing the minerals to make soil which enabled plants to grow which become food for us animals.

Many people, particularly with the Corona virus, are not too happy with the idea of bugs, and think they should all be killed off. We do have powerful chemicals which will kill of all bugs, good and bad. Unfortunately the bad bugs often breed up faster than the good bugs so we end up dominated by bad bugs.

We are totally dependant on the good bugs. Our aim must be to care for the good bugs and control the bad bugs so the don’t inflict too much damage. Fortunately the good bugs will control the bad bugs in a process called ecological balance.

Achieving this ecological balance is the aim of the Gbiota growing system and to understand how it works we have look at how sunlight and minerals are converted to food.


Health starts in the soil so we need to look at how soils works.

How soil works

We all need energy, and that comes from the sun, the energy is captured by plants through photosynthesis on the land and algae in water.

 There is complex collection of collaboration, the plants can convert sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to create sugars which leak out of its roots as extrudates to feed the microbiology, which in turn break down the rocks to provide the minerals essential for plant growth.

But different plants extrude different sugars which in turn attract different biology so a mix of plants lead to a divers biology which is beneficial to our health.

If a plant needs extra minerals it can increase the amount of sugary extrudate which will encourage the biology to speed up the attack on the rocks to release more minerals.

 Young soils generally contain adequate minerals, they just need the micro biology to release these and make them available to the plants. Older soils which have been continuously drained of essential minerals may need these minerals to be topped up, easily done with volcanic rock dust.

Plants need to be grown in biologically active soil. Soils in the wild will contain an abundance of this biology but many agricultural soils are lacking this basic biology so we may need to inoculate the soil to start the biology but after that we need to feed them, typically by compost or other organic material.

 While we are mainly interested in the micro biology the macro biology, particular worms, which are both soil conditioners and indicators of a healthy soil biology.

Humans need a wide range of trace minerals which need to be added to the soil for our health. Plant only need a much narrower range of minerals so it is perfectly possible to grow healthy plants which look good but don’t make us healthy.

Gbiota beds are essentially breeding beds for beneficial biology, there main inputs are organic waste and volcanic rock dust and so are fully sustainable.

Good and bad bugs

 Plants are under continuous attack from insect and other creatures and, have some plants have developed natural defences. However plants are cooperative and one plant may come under attack when it sends messages to neighbouring plants, via the mycorrhizal network in healthy soil, activating their defence systems in the neighbouring plants with a natural defence system providing an effective defence system for a group of plants.

 But the natural world is in a continuous state of conflict with both good and bad bugs and if the conditions (meaning available food) are right the good bugs will out-compete the bad bugs. This is called ecological balance.

 In the wild and in traditional agriculture the systems would normally be in ecological balance. However modern agriculture now has a range of chemicals which can be used to kill of the bad bugs, the disadvantage is this also kills of the beneficial bugs so there is a bug vacuum which will often be filled initially by the faster growing bad bugs.

The lack of biology means that the minerals are no longer being released for the plants (and eventually us).

It is possible, a least in the short term, to correct for these nutrient deficiencies and control the bad bugs by further application of chemicals. But this is only a temporary solution leading to a progressive destruction of the soil. As the soil losses its structure it looses it ability to hold water which again can be resolved by irrigation.

 The reality is that we are steadily moving to the point where our food production is totally synthetic without relying on biology.

Whether this is even possible long term is doubtful, but there is an overriding reason why this is not workable.

We need that beneficial biology to support our health gut, which forms part of our intelligent control system.

The dangers become painfully evident when an unexpected event like the Corona virus appears killing of many people who simple do not have a strong enough immune system.

Healthy plants and healthy humans

There is a big difference between a healthy plant and a plant that will make us healthy.

Toxic chemicals used in agriculture may not harm us but they can inflict terrible damage on our gut biota.

The Gbiota bed technology was developed to have a healthy soil biology, ensuring an adequate supply of trace minerals while avoiding the used of toxic chemicals.

There are numerous article on how to set up and operate Gbiota beds in the ‘growing’ section on this web.

On of the most practical ways of using the Gbiota technology is ‘tipping’ wheres just the young tips of the plants are harvested leaving the mother leaves to feed the plant. While the mother leaves may suffer sever insect damage the tips can be harvested before they are attacked.

One of the most effective ways of using these tips is in Gbiota smoothies which by adding some fruit and spices are really tasty and are a good way of reinforcing the gut biology for those people who think vegetables are just rabbit food.

Tips can however be used in sandwiches, salads and cooked or steamed just like any other vegetable.

More details are in the post in the food section here https://gbiota.com/gbiota-green-smoothy/ and here https://gbiota.com/tipping/

We are really anxious to attract growers who can supply Gbiota food, if this is of interest please contact me as colinaustin@bigpond.com


Why we need to change the system

Why are humans the dominant species on earth? Intelligence may be part of the answer but the other part is collaboration. We are naturally a social creature which works cooperatively as part of a group and leads to group (or crowd) intelligence.

 When I was a kid, many years ago, the food system worked by cooperation. Much of the food was grown locally with a close relationship between growers and consumers forming an informal group in which the growers had a social obligation to grow healthy food while the consumers had a reciprocal social obligation to pay a fair price – it was a working community.

Our modern food system is no longer based on social obligation but on the profit motive and unfortunately we live in the post truth age where deceptive manipulation of the truth for profit seems acceptable.

The Gbiota club is for people who prefer to be part of a group with social obligations to each other rather than a system dominated by the profit motive.

If you share these views why not join the Gbiota club.

Fair trading



Food is the single most import factor in our health yet our food industry is dominated by mega companies focused on profits who spend billions of dollars trying to convince us that their food is healthy.

The Gbiota club is a social action to provide the community with food that will make them healthy based on a system of fair rewards.

Support our activities by joining the Gbiota club

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