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What is the Gbiota club?

The aim of the Gbiota club is to make Gbiota food readily and widely available at an affordable price.

Gbiota food is essential to feed our gut biology which forms part of our intelligent control system.

The Gbiota club is a social action to provide the community with food that will make them healthy based on a system of fair rewards.

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The Gbiota club is based on two key concepts.

1 – Our intelligent control system

We know our guts contain trillion of cells of thousands of different species. But our guts do much more then help digest our food, the cells communicate with each other, just like in a computer to create intelligence – the gut brain. Our gut brain in turn communicates with our head brain, which with our DNA, forms a master intelligent control for our bodies.

This is like the cockpit for our body regulating all its activities and determines the physical and mental health of our entire body. We don’t get fat simply because we eat too much, our intelligent control system decides we need to store more fat so we eat more food so we can get fat.

Like wise if our control systems sees our bodies are under attack from a virus it deals with the invader by our incredibly powerful immune system, if it fails to react or overreacts we end up seriously ill or dead.

Our gut brains, as part of this all powerful intelligent control system, needs to be fed gut food, we need to incorporate into our diet food deliberately grown and eaten to feed our gut biology. This is Gbiota food food to feed our Gut biota.

2 – Our need to form part of a cooperative group

One of the reason we are the dominant species on earth is that we naturally form cooperative groups which work for the benefit of the group as a whole.

We learned this way back in time when we found that a single individual was easy prey for a ferocious beast but by forming a group and throwing stones at the beast he would just nick off and we would not get eaten. The group benefits and individuals benefit from being part of that group.

We have tended to forget this message in our modern era of individual greed and profits but if we are to grow this essential food for our guts we cannot rely on the profit motive, we need to form cooperative groups to grow and deliver and make Gbiota food available at a reasonable price.

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Join the Gbiota club

You can join the Gbiota club at several levels.

Look, learn and chat

At first you may just want to become an observer to learn and watch.

We are not after your money so if you are just interested in joining a club to chat about food, health and sustainable food production then welcome aboard.

You can simply subscribe by entering you name and email at the bottom of any post on this web, if you find it is not for you you can unsubscribe at any time.

Home grower

You may like to grow some of your Gbiota food yourself. This web contains many posts on how to grow Gbiota food, all this information operates under the Creative Commons systems which means you can benefit from all this technology, free of charge, for your own personal use.

Buyer of biofoodie

You may not have the time or space to grow your own Gbiota food, or you may want to grow just some of your Gbiota food but want to buy the rest so you have a wider range of foods.

You can then become a buyer or what we call a biofoodie. You then move to our sister web site and register as a buyer.


You may be willing to become a grower of Gbiota food. You will need to grow food in an agreed way, register as a grower on the web site where you create you own web page to display how you are growing the food, and what you are offering for sale.

Group leader

The leader is the most important person in the local group and really makes the group work. You will need to study the web site and learn about how to grow Gbiota food, you will need to support and grow the group both biofoodies and growers, and organise a delivery system.

Being a leader involves a fair amount of work but the Gbiota movement is not a charity relying on unpaid volunteers, we believe in fair rewards for peoples efforts, so the leaders can build up their own businesses for which they will receive payment from commission on sales and organising the deliver service.

We are most anxious to recruits local leaders and they should contact me directly

This web has three main types of posts, the menu item Gbiota is about the club and what is happening, food is about food for health while growing is about the technology of growing Gbiota food.

Fair trading


Food is the single most import factor in our health yet our food industry is dominated by mega companies focused on profits who spend billions of dollars trying to convince us that their food is healthy.

The Gbiota club is a social action to provide the community with food that will make them healthy based on a system of fair rewards.

Support our activities by joining the Gbiota club