Protection from the Corona Virus

We all know the death and destruction to our society caused by the Corona virus.

We know that lock downs work but the virus is still there so there is a high risk as lock downs are relaxed.

What the experts say

This Youtube video sums it up in 5 minutes

If someone with a healthy strong gut and immune system gets infected their immune system will simply kill the virus so there is no further infection, sometimes with no symptoms or just a bit of a sniffle.

The numbers are significant – if you have a healthy gut and immune system the chances of a successful recovery are 90% while if you have a compromised immune system from a poor diet the chances are only 10%

Also with a weak immune system the virus just multiplies, ready to infect many more people and kill the unfortunate host.

We know how to grow food which will strengthen our gut biology and hence immune system. Here are the links to a couple of articles.

Simply grow plants in carefully prepared soil, with all the essential trace minerals and beneficial biology, cut of the tips of young shoots and eat them directly or even easier make them into a green Gbiota smoothie.

Now lets be clear, having a Gbiota green smoothie will not stop you catching the virus and if you do get infected having a Gbiota green smoothie will not help either. It takes three or four weeks of having a green smoothie most days to build up your immune system.

The point is that having a healthy gut and immune system greatly increaces your chance of survival.

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