Join the Gbiota club


Why join the Gbiota club?

When you join the Gbiota club you get a stronger gut, immune and hormonal system by eating real food.

 Our guts do much more than help digest our food. There are trillions of cells in our guts made up of thousands of species. But they are more than biology, each cell communicates with its neighbours creating what is effect a super computer inside us, our gut brain. This super computer talks to our head brain to form an intelligent system which works 24/7 to control system.

Energy system

It regulates our energy system, deciding whether we are full or empty, sending our signals to say you are hungry eat more or you are full eat less. It decides where and how much fat we store, some people are naturally fat others skinny this is the direct results of decision taken by our intelligent control system.

Poor control of our energy system leads to the diseases like diabetes, obesity and dementia – which lead to premature death for millions of people.

Immune system

Our guts are part of the intelligent system that controls our immune system. For some people the Corona virus is little more than a sniffle, others dies sometimes because our immune system gets totally out of control and attacks our own body.


Again guts, as part of that intelligent system control our hormone system, making us fell happy or depressed. If our hormones did not make us feel good after sex our species would have died out years ago.

Look after your guts

You have to admit it – those trillions of cells in our guts are pretty important.

But they do not live very long, days or at the most a few weeks. If we feed them the right food the good bugs will breed up and we will be healthy. If we feed them the wrong food the bad bugs, which do us harm and make us sick, will breed up.

The food that makes our beneficial bugs grow we call pre-biotics.

But we also may need to replace our good bugs by eating food which contains the good bugs. We call these pro-biotics.

Plants, particularly green vegetables and fruit are natural pre and pro-biotics. We have been successfully eating these for millions of years and they are still the best source of pre and pro-biotics.

But the biology and minerals that lead to a healthy gut come from the soil, they need to be grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil. But accessing these plants does not happen by chance, we have to go to some effort to grow or buy these plants which are the most effective pre and pro-biotics – and that is what the Gbiota club is all about.

How the Gbiota club works

It works on the principle of Community Assisted Agriculture (CSA). A local Gbiota coordinator gathers a group of consumers together to provide purchasing power, they then approach growers to add essential trace minerals and microbial starters to the soil and feed the beneficial biology with organic waste, and avoid the use of toxic chemicals creating a truly sustainable food system.

Consumers buy directly on line at reasonable prices with produce delivered directly to their home or a central hub.

We are actively seeking local area coordinators, they will be rewarded by knowing they are providing a valuable community service and will also receive a commission on sales so they can build a viable business.

What is the Gbiota club

The Gbiota club is people coming together to form a cooperative group, concerned about their health and the future of the planet, working together

– to buy fresh produce, loaded with the essential minerals, beneficial biology and free from toxic chemical

– from growers willing to adopt regenerative farming practices to continuously improve the quality of their soil by recycling waste organic material so creating a sustainable farming system for peoples health now and into the future.


We, the people, tell our farmers we want real food and are willing to pay a fair price.

Real food is grown in nutrient rich soil, with all the trace minerals essential for health, with living soil full of beneficial biology as shown by an abundance of earth worms, the indicators of soil health and free from toxic chemicals.

We want our food to give us a healthy gut, which not only digests our food but give us a strong immune system to protect us from infection and provides our bodies with all the chemicals and hormones essential for health.

We want this now, for our grand kids and their grand kids, it must be sustainable recycling all our food and organic waste, storing carbon in the soil so we live on a sustainable earth.

The measure of success is our health for us and future generations and not the profits of mega multi national corporations.

We understand that no one individual, no mega corporation however powerful, or no Governments can give us this – so we need to band together in a cooperative groups as a social movement, to protect us, future generations and the earth on which we all depend.

The Gbiota club is such a social movement.


The immediate objective is to establish local groups with sufficient buying power that they can buy food from local cooperating growers, food which is growing nutrient rich, biologically active soil and free from toxic chemical with the assurance that the food is authentic, meeting certain quality standards at a reasonable price.

To achieve with we need to recruit local area coordinators who will grow the group, negotiate supply with local growers and organise transport.

Local area coordinators will receive the satisfaction that they are making a significant contribution to the health of their members and will be rewarded financially be receiving an equitable commission on all sales.


Who’s idea is the club?

 I am Colin Austin and am inviting you to become a member of the Gbiota club or better still a local coordinator.

So what is the Gbiota club all about? Our food provides far more than energy. This is discussed in the food section of this web, specifically

But we also need food for replacing our body parts and food to feed our gut biology where the bulk of our immune systems lives, which provides an intelligent controls system for many bodily functions, (specifically where and how much fat we store) and produces a whole range of essential hormones and chemicals.

We don’t call this he Gbiota (Gut biota) project for nothing – our guts are a critical part of our health system.

Modern food is deficient in three ways.

Mineral deficiency

 Modern food is deficient in key trace elements essential for human health. Plants are relatively simple and only need a limited range of minerals while we, as more complex creatures, require a much wider range. There is no economic incentive for farmers to add these trace minerals to the soil as they can grow plants quite successfully without them. The key essential minerals which are commonly in short supply are chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, and zinc.

Net result is our soils and hence food is deficient in essential minerals.

Healthy guts

 Our guts are one of the most essential organs in our bodies. The wide range of biology in our guts comes from the food we eat, particularly plants which act as both pre and probiotics. We need to eat food grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil.

Toxic chemicals

 Toxic chemicals used in modern chemical industrial agriculture may not be toxic to us but are highly damaging to our gut biology and are a major threat to our health.





First aim of the Gbiota club

The first aim of the Gbiota club was to develop the technology of growing food which provides the key trace minerals and micro biology for the gut without the use of toxic chemical which damages gut biology.

Key message

 The simple message is that we should be eating food grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil.

The most cost effective way of doing this is with Gbiota beds in which a nutrient rich compost tea floods and drains the root zone providing an abundant supply of nutrients plus an exchange of air to the root zone which is essential for plant health.

Second aim of the Gbiota club

 The second aim of the Gbiota club is to make this technology widely available, information is provided free of charge for anyone, with the skills, land, resources and time who wants to grow Gbiota food for their one private use.

The technical details of growing food using Gbiota technology is in the growing section of the menu starting here

Third aim of the Gbiota club

 The third aim is to to make Gbiota food readily available at a reasonable price to people who do not want to set up their own Gbiota beds and simply want to buy the food from an accredited grower.

This present certain logistic problems. It is just a simple fact that the on farm costs of adding all the essential trace minerals, growing the essential micro biology while not using toxic chemicals to grow Gbiota food is more expensive than modern industrial chemical farming.


But the major problem is how to ensure authenticity.

But here is the first major snag, it is impossible to tell just by looking whether a plant has the critical trace minerals, biology and is free of toxic chemicals.

Buyers need to have a system to ensure that the food they buy is authentic Gbiota food and they want to be able to buy at a reasonable price while the growers need to know that if they go to the extra trouble and expense of Growing authentic Gbiota food that they will receive a fair return.

Measuring mineral content

The technology of measuring the minerals content of soils and plants is well established and is readily available to growers so consumers just need access the test results and a reference guide line to see whether the food complies to specification.

Worms – the canary in the coal mine for soil

The understanding of the links between soil, biology and the pathway the biology takes from the soil to our guts, is still a long way form maturity and we have yet to develop that technology to write a formal specification.

However there is a simple and practical solution – worms. Worms are the great recyclers and soil builders, they don’t have teeth to mechanically break down organic material. But as the microbiology breaks down the organics material it passes through their stomachs where it is processed to form vermicast which is a great soil conditioner creating the nice crumb like structure of good soil.

Worms not only help create healthy biologically active soil they are a simple indicator of a healthy biology.

How the Gbiota club works

 The Gbiota club is based on the principles of CSA, Community Supported Agriculture.

At the heart is a local Gbiota coordinator who will create a group of people to become general members who genuinely want to buy food grown using the Gbiota principles. This is rather like a buying Co-op which has purchasing power.

Armed with purchasing power the local coordinator can them approach local growers to grow food using the Gbiota principles and probably organise pick up and delivery to Gbiota members home or some central collection point.

As customers are buying on line directly from the growers with transport costs shared between many growers the final price to the customer can be lower than the traditional purchasing system even though the on farm costs may be higher.

More details of the Gbiota system can be read in the Gbiota section of the menu starting here and subsequent posts.

Why join the Gbiota club

Rather than listen to some sales spiel just have a look at this video I just happened to find on YouTube with one of the world leading cardiologists being interviewed on the BBC about the Corona virus.

And what is his message – simple diet is the key to a healthy gut and immune system so we need to be making major changes to our diet. What he says is totally dramatic, if you have a healthy gut and immune system from eating a healthy diet the chances of dying from the Corona virus are 10 times less than if you have been eating a poor diet.

Just think how different the world would be if the death rate from the Corona virus was cut to one tenth and most people just suffered a bit of a sniffle.

The Corona virus is a wake up call that we need to be changing our diet. That is what the Gbiota club is all about.

What should we eat?

There is no shortage of well researched information connecting diet and health. Here is just a couple but there is a massive literature on the link between food and health.

To be honest many are long, dull and boring taking determined reading but there is a very high level of technology and, as to be expected, genuine scientific debate but there is really no issue, we know what to eat to make us healthy.

But Michael Pollan summed it up  “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants”.

I take double the number of words “Eat real food, grown in nutrient rich, biologically active soil free of toxic chemicals”.

But we may know what we should be eating but how to access that food which makes us healthy is a very different story.

But how do we access this healthy food?

 That is what the Gbiota club is all about, making these healthy foods widely available at a reasonable price for the community.

Don’t believe me that there is an issue. Just try going into your local Supermarket and asking for a vegetable rich in chromium, copper, fluoride, iodine, iron, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, zinc, Acidobacteria, Chlororflexi, Verrucomincrobia and Planctomycetes.

What will be the response – “Sorry – next please”.

Now don’t blame the check out chick, it’s the system, so we need to change the system.

Changing the system

There are many people who understand the importance of diet on their health and want to eat healthy food.

 There are also many growers who want to grow healthy food and regenerate their soil so it is not just sustainable but improves over time with higher nutrient content, soil structure and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

The Gbiota club brings these people together so they can cooperate in creating an alternative to our current profit dominated food system.

This change is not going to come from some giant multi national corporation, neither is it going to come from our Governments – it is going to come from individual people cooperating together – which is the essence of the success of us humans as a species.

Cooperative society or profits – which do we choose?

 For the last twenty years I have been promoting what could be called a social philosophy. We are absolutely the dominant creature on earth with the power to decide what sort of society we want and to change the earth itself.

This social philosophy is that our human success is because we work together cooperatively, and we can communicate, learn and store information to be passed onto the next generation.

I tell the story of how we came down from the trees and learned that if we collectively threw stones at the ferocious beast they would just nick off and leave us alone.


You can read all about this in the posts on this web, the Gbiota menu shows posts about how the Gbiota club works, starting with the Food menu starting with shows posts on the links between food and health while the growing menu starting with shows posts about how to grow healthy food using Gbiota beds.

I hope this brief introduction the Gbiota project persuades you of the importance of the project for both your own health and the sort of society we want to live in.

If so all you need to so to join the Gbiota club is to simply email me indicating whether you want to be a consumer, grower or local area coordinator and preferably your geographic location (nearest city). If you want to read on about the Gbiota club then continues reading this article and the many articles on the web site.

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