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 The Corona virus is not some random and isolated disaster. It is the inevitable outcome of small farmers struggling against the might of big food and trying to make a living by the uncontrolled selling of wild animals.

This need to be a warning for us all. We need to change our food system to avoid yet more unpredicted disasters.

The thousands of deaths, bad as they may be, are still relatively small in comparison with the millions of premature deaths from diabetes, obesity and dementia which are routine in our Western food system and which stems from the view that profits of the mega corporations and their shareholders take precedence over the health of the people.

The Gbiota club is a group of people who believe that peoples health should be the priority and is a combination of technology and a social movement.

The technology is simple, just a way of growing food in nutrient rich biologically active soil which enhances our gut biota (Gbiota).

The social movements says that the priority with food should be our health and not corporate profits. Club members can be consumers or growers.

Gbiota consumers want to buy food where the priority is their health and are fully prepared to pay a fair price to growers.

Gbiota growers commit to enhancing their soil to grow healthy food in a sustainable way and expect to receive a fair reward for their services.

So read my web then email me at and become a grower or consumer or just show support for the movement.

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