Community fight against the Corona Virus

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Updated 15Apr20

With the lock down I have been focusing on helping people set up their own Gbiota beds to strengthen their immune system.

I am getting many question so am setting up a system where everyone can share the information.

You can ask you question either in the comment section of the relevant post or simply email me

I will create posts to answer these question in the Q&A section of the menu labelled in this format Q&A15April20.

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Updated 29 March 2020

There can be little good about the Corona virus but there is one thing, it has created a great community spirit with people cooperating around the world to fight this disease.

I feel this community spirit and want to do my bit.

My interest is in experimenting to find ways of growing our food that will improve our health, particularly our gut health which is critical to so many body functions, particularly our immune system.

 The system I developed, the Gbiota system (short for Gut biota and sound like geebiota) is a very effective way of improving gut biology but for many it is a bit complicated.

So I have developed a dead simple version of Gbiota beds which anyone should be able to create, even in a small back yard, to grow their own Gbiota food, strengthen their gut biology and immune system to fight the virus.


In this post I show how to make these simple Gbiota beds, this is all free of charge, all I ask in return is that you enter into the new community spirit and tell you friends, real and on the internet, about my web site so we can all fight this virus together.

Watch the intruductory video here

You can read the full instructions on how to make a quick Gbiota bed here 

quick gbiota beds

if you have any questions contact me a