We live in an era of unprecedented apparent sophistication.

 Our ability to store and manage incredible quantities of data seems to give the power to both political and commercial interests to manipulate public attitudes and actions in a way inconceivable just a few years ago.

 We have the technical ability to grow food, which is convenient, taste good and is cheap in a way totally divorced from the conventional methods of food production, no longer needing soil and biology as the core of production but relying on chemistry.


 Yet a little virus from some small and unidentified animal can throw the entire world into a state of uncertainty with survival being a day to day decision.

We can’t do much about either digital power or the virus but food is the one area where everyone can decide for themselves what they want to eat.

Clearly many people are totally comfortable with the chemical industrial method of food production and without doubt the power of manipulation of people on mass is being used on a massive scale for profits.


 However there are some people who are not sold on this approach to food production and see benefits in the soil and biological methods we have evolved and adapted to over millions of years.

This post looks at why this is a sensible decision and how to make it work in this era of hyper technological advances.

At a mundane level is shows how to how to prepare soil for Wicking and Gbiota beds but I want to talk about ‘why’ so this is not just a simple ‘how to’ post.

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making soil work