Here is a link to the quick gbiota beds.pdf quick gbiota beds which explains how to make a quick Gbiota bed.

I have made this a post rather than a direct link so people can ask questions and make comments in public. The virus means everyone is under a great deal of pressure (including me) so it is much better to have a public discussion rather than individual question via email.

If needed I am still happy to receive individual emails at

This post is really aimed at people who want to build Gbiota beds for their own use.

It is however obvious that a great many people are now unemployed so people can make their Gbiota beds to provide Gbiota food to other people as a commercial operation.

This is socially higher beneficial.

The production and distribution of Gbiota foods offers an opportunity to build up viable businesses, people will still want to buy Gbiota food well after the virus has been defeated.

Also many existing commercial growers may want to offer Gbiota food.

Read more at the post fresh food revolution.

However for the benefit of both growers and consumers it is essential that the name Gbiota remains credible as a source of high quality food grown to assured quality standards – just as there is a need for certified organic there is a need for certified Gbiota.

To ensure these quality standards Gbiota has been registered as a trade mark and can only be used by growers conforming to certain standards and procedures.

This is for the long term benefits of both growers and consumers.

These are available directly from me at and will be the basis of future posts. It is therefore recommended that users register so they receive notification of the publishing of new posts.

This will soon be available on line but in the mean time just email me requesting that you are notified of future posts.

Colin Austin  (cordinator Gbiota club)

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