The fresh food revolution

There is a fresh food revolution just waiting to happen. Join me in making the revolution happen

My name is Colin Austin and I know about technical revolutions.

I was a pioneer in the early computer revolution. Moldflow, the company I formed from my back bedroom grew to became the most successful exporter of software from Australia, a multi million dollar company trading across the globe.

My computer aided engineering software changed the industry and I was acknowledged as among Australia’s top one hundred innovators by the Australian Institute of Engineers.

I know about technical revolutions I can tell you that the fresh food industry is just ripe for revolution.

I am now looking to form strategic relations with other entrepreneurial people to make this fresh food revolution happen.

I am not interested in any franchise system, you don’t have to pay me any money or anything like that, I simply want to work with other like minded people who realise the importance of food on health, who want to work on a socially beneficial project where they can build up their own independent business.

So what is the fresh food revolution

For consumers it will mean fresh produce full of the essential mineral, phytonutrients and beneficial biology which lead to a healthy gut biology.

The produce is delivered directly to the home, a food hub or a restaurant with hours of harvesting so it is genuinely fresh.

Our Gbiota or gut biology does much more than help digest our food – the trillion of cells in our guts communicate, working like a super computer to control our appetite, where and how much fat the body stores and is an integral part of our immune system.

Our Gbiota or gut biology does much more than help digest our food – the trillion of cells in our guts communicate, working like a super computer to control our appetite, where and how much fat the body stores and is an integral part of our immune system.

Poor gut health is a major factor in the modern health epidemic of diabetes, obesity and dementia. Right now gut health and our immune system are a critical factor in fighting the Corona virus.

For growers it provides financial reward for improving their soils and focusing on the nutritional value of the produce.

For an entrepreneurial Gbiota coordinator it provides a business opportunity to create a profitable and viable business.

How it works

The system is simple. The consumer buys on line directly from a number of different growers each offering their specialist range. Buying from multiple growers provides the variety of food needed for a health gut biology. Growers tend to specialise in specific crops, you don’t find many macadamia nut producers growing micro greens.

The consumer buys while the produce is still growing in the soil and is only harvested immediately before delivery.

The Gbiota system is based on a circuit system in contrast to the conventional hub and spoke system of warehouses, wholesale and retail outlets. A van goes around all the various farms collecting the individual orders which are place into the customers box (hence the term boxing) and when all orders have been collected delivers the boxes to the buyer.

What are the benefits?

The buyer gets produce grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil within hours of harvesting. The grower get financially rewarded for higher nutritional benefits and because the system is intrinsically more efficient the overall costs are lower.

What does it need to make this happen?

It needs entrepreneurial local Gbiota coordinators who appreciate the importance of food for health, who carry out the basic organisational work.

They need to build up a following of buyers and growers who appreciate food for health who see the intrinsic benefits of the system and then organise the pick up and deliver system (boxing).

Will it work?

There are already many potential buyers who are already fully aware of the importance of food on gut health and there are many growers who want to practise regenerative agriculture.

The market is already there they just need convincing of the benefits of the buy on line and boxing system.

Have a read of the many technical posts on this site and if you feel this could be for you contact me



The Gbiota movement


Linking consumers with regenerative growers

The Gbiota movement aims to link people who understand how important food is to our gut health with regenerative growers who understand that health starts in the soil.

Local coordinators play a crucial role so we are looking for people with a knowledge of food and health and organisational and entrepreneurial skills. While the focus is on a commitment to social health, coordinators receive a commission on all sales providing gainful employment. Contact

Our gut brain

It is now universally recognised by researchers, doctors and nutritional just how important gut biology is to our health.

The trillions of cell in our guts communicate with each other like a super computer, working with our head brain, to control our appetite, how much and where we store fat and is in integral part of our immune system. This web site has many posts and is full of technical articles with many references.

Slightly less well recognised is that if we want a healthy gut we have to feed them gut food, a broad spectrum of plants particularly green vegetables with a high fibre but there are many herbs, spices, speciality plants and phytonutrients that enhance a healthy gut.

Even less well known is that these plants have to be grown in a specific way, it is no good just blowing the plant up with synthetic fertilisers and spraying them with toxic chemicals – that does more harm than good.

The grower has to add the critical nutrients to the soil, like zinc, selenium, iron, iodine and even minute amounts of chromium which is essential for controlling blood sugars.

But even that is not enough, it needs the soil biology to break these down and make them available for the plants.

Conventional growers simply don’t want to do this because it adds extra costs. So how do people who want a healthy gut buy these specially grown plants and equally important at a reasonable price?

This is what the Gbiota club is all about. While the club is open to anyone interested in gut health it’s primary function is to act as a buying group. It reversing the power balance.

The food industry is dominated by large corporations, with a great deal of market power who try and sell us the food which makes them the highest profits rather than make us healthy.

The Gbiota clubs aims to attract a large enough user base that is has significant buying power so it can arrange for its members to buy at a reasonable price the foods that will lead to a healthy gut.

A key part of the Gbiota system are the local coordinators. Their job is to grow the local membership, discuss with members what they actually want to buy then arrange with growers to grow the plants in a way that optimises gut health.

They arrange for the plants to be collected from the growers and delivered to the home of the club members or a food hub.

They may also arrange with local cafes and bistros to prepare Gbiota meals and smoothies for those members who do not want to cook themselves.

The local coordinators are critical part of the process and are paid by a commission on the sales. This is a business opportunity to someone with entrepreneurial as well as technical talents.


To become a local coordinator or to join the Gbiota club email indicating whether you are interested in becoming a coordinator or member.

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