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Gbiota – a social movement for better food

Computer pioneer fights diabesity

Colin Austin, recognised as among Australia’s top innovators, is using the internet to fight the diabesity epidemic with Gbiota food.

The trillions of cells in our guts (Gbiota ) communicate with each other as part of our intelligent control system which automatically regulates how much and what we want to eat and how much and where we store fat.

But for our gut brain to work we need to feed it gut food (Gbiota food) containing a full spectrum of minerals, phytonutrients (plant based nutrients) and living beneficial biology.

Colin formed the Gbiota club so people can buy directly from growers who regenerate their soil so it is biologically active and nutrient rich to grow Gbiota food.

Health starts in the soil.

There are good bugs and bad bugs – that’s life – but the beneficial bugs can control the harmful bugs. While we are alive our flesh does not go rotten as it is protected by our immune system and our beneficial biology.

It is the same with plants, while growing in the soil the beneficial biology protect the plant from the harmful bugs, but as soon as the plant is harvested the good bugs start to die off leaving the harmful bugs gradually take over and it starts to go rotten.

A healthy gut brain thrives by adding to our diet plants which are grown in nutrient rich, biologically active soil and eating while the beneficial biology is still active.

In Colin’s Gbiota club members buy a variety of plants from multiple specialist regenerative growers while they are still growing in the soil.

A club member provides a boxing service where they go to all the growers and collects each individual orders from each grower and deliver the boxes to each club members home or a food hub.

Because the boxer is collecting from many growers for many buyers this is a highly cost effective system which is why Gbiota food may actually be cheaper than from the conventional system.

Many people have become addicted to our modern high fat and sugar diets and find a diet high in fruits and vegetables bland and tasteless, at least at first.

But a good chef can use herbs and spices and creates blends which taste really good. Variety is the key to both heath and taste. A blend of meats or fish with vegetables, in the hands of a skilled chef, it both tasty and healthy.

Club member include restaurants and cafes who have these specialist skills so other club members can enjoy these genuinely tasty and healthy food in a communal and supportive atmosphere, particularly important while making the transition from the modern high fat and sugar foods.

As club members are trading food and services among themselves this can work out cheaper and more convenient than the conventional  modern food system but the club is not about profit and money.

It is a social movement so anyone, regardless of wealth, can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, nutrient rich biologically active diet.

The club is open to anyone with a genuine interest in putting health above profit,  and become a member here.

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