The Gbiota movement

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Our gut brain

It is now universally recognised by researchers, doctors and nutritional just how important gut biology is to our health. The trillions of cell in our guts communicate with each other like a super computer, working with our head brain, to control our appetite, how much and where we store fat and is in integral part of our immune system. Our sister web site is full of technical articles with many references.

Slightly less well recognised is that if we want a healthy gut we have to feed them gut food, a broad spectrum of plants particularly green vegetables with a high fibre but there are many herbs, spices, speciality plants and phytonutrients that enhance a healthy gut.

Even less well known is that these plants have to be grown in a specific way, it is no good just blowing the plant up with synthetic fertilisers and spraying them with toxic chemicals – that does more harm than good.

The grower has to add the critical nutrients to the soil, like zinc, selenium, iron, iodine and even minute amounts of chromium which is essential for controlling blood sugars. But even that is not enough, it needs the soil biology to break these down and make them available for the plants.

Conventional growers simply don’t want to do this because it adds extra costs. So how do people who want a healthy gut buy these specially grown plants and equally important at a reasonable price?

This is what the Gbiota club is all about. While the club is open to anyone interested in gut health it’s primary function is to act as a buying group. It reversing the power balance. The food industry is dominated by large corporations, with a great deal of market power who try and sell us the food which makes them the highest profits rather than make us healthy.

The Gbiota clubs aims to attract a large enough user base that is has significant buying power so it can arrange for its members to buy at a reasonable price the foods that will lead to a healthy gut.

A key part of the Gbiota system are the local coordinators. Their job is to grow the local membership, discuss with members what they actually want to buy then arrange with growers to grow the plants in a way that optimises gut health.

They arrange for the plants to be collected from the growers and delivered to the home of the club members or a food hub. They may also arrange with local cafes and bistros to prepare Gbiota meals and smoothies for those members who do not want to cook themselves.

The local coordinators are critical part of the process and are paid by a commission on the sales. This is a business opportunity to someone with entrepreneurial as well as technical talents.

To become a local coordinator or to join the Gbiota club email indicating whether you are interested in becoming a coordinator or member.