Fighting the Corona Virus


Colin Austin  13 March 2020© Creative commons this document may be reproduced but the source should be acknowledged.

The WHO has declared the Corona virus a global pandemic.

The most effective and practical action that people can take is to improve their immune system.

Right now we all need a really good immune system. The Corona virus is spreading and it seems likely to spread much further. But only about 3% of the people who get the Corona virus actually die, in fact young people with a healthy immune system can get Corona virus and not even know they have it, most older people will survive the virus and only the few with a weak immune system will actually die.

There are good bugs and bad bugs, the corona virus is definitely a bad bug. Good bugs can fight off the bad bugs, right now we need the good bugs to come to our rescue

The Gbiota club

My name is Colin Austin and I am the founder of the Gbiota club. Gbiota is a shortened version of Gut biota or gut biology and I am seriously into bugs.

You may not be into bugs but let me tell you we would not exist without the good bugs. They break down rocks to release essential minerals to make soil to grow our food, they are inside us in our guts where they do much more than help us digest out food, the communicate with each other creating an intelligent system which control our appetite, how much and where we should store fat and they form an integral part of our immune system.

Do I know how to stop or cure the Corona virus? Unfortunately no, but based on what I do know about bugs I think the best option we have available to us right now is to get a healthy gut and hence immune system.

In a healthy gut the good bugs can out compete the bad bugs and improve the odds of surviving Corona virus.

We improve our Gbiota from the food we eat, plants grown in biologically active nutrient rich soil. On my web site there are many articles about how to grow plants that will improve our Gbiota or gut biology, but you probably don’t want to spend hours reading all these technical articles so here is a quick action plan to improve you Gbiota.

Emergency plan

I have been working on another web site my plan was that this would become the engine of the Gbiota system which is way that people can access the plants that will improve their gut health or Gbiota.

The plan was to have a nice organised launch of this web site but the Corona virus has put me into emergency mode to get this out there to help people in this crisis, not as well organised or as polished as I would like but in an emergency action has to take priority letting perfection take second place.

Linking to regenerative growers

The idea behind the web site is to link people who want to improve their gut health with regenerative farmers who devote their energies to improving the biological health of their soils. Health starts in the soil.

We know what plants improve gut health, unfortunately many of these are slow growing but there are some which can grow as sprouts or better still as baby greens which means they can be grown very quickly and used in a process I call tipping.

The plant germinate within a few days and as the young shoots develop the very tips can be harvested and either eaten directly or made into green smoothies. The mother leaves are left to provide the energy for the plants to keep on growing.

I have developed Gbiota beds which are a highly effective and productive way of growing plants to improve gut biology. I can share this technology with regenerative growers.

This is the quickest way I know of improving gut health.

Making it work

One person by them self, cannot make this happen, we need to form local groups of people with someone willing to at as local group leaders.

We can create these groups using the web site. They have to register on the site and I have prepared instructions on the site. I call the people who want to improve their gut health biofoodies.

The biofoodies can locate regenerative growers in their locality and persuade them to grow Gbiota plants so members of the group can buy on line directly from these growers. They actually order the plants while they are still growing in the ground to maximise beneficial biology.

The acting leader of the group has to find someone who acts as a boxer, basically a collection and delivery service. The growers harvest the ordered plants and the boxer goes to each farm and collect the just harvested plant and put them in a box for each member and delivered to the biofoodies home or a food hub like a cafe. Local cafes can also provide plant based meals or smoothies with the beneficial biology.

Harvesting and eating on the same day means the beneficial biology is at its peak.

Your first step – email me at for instruction sheet.