I am a real live person, not some computer or avatar. I do the things that normal people do, potter around in my garden, go for bush walks and the beach, tease my grand kids and all that normal stuff. But I am a bit obsessive so when my wife, a medical doctor was diagnosed with diabetes and wanted to find out what was the real cause.

And what I found out totally changed my life. Diabetes, obesity, dementia what I call the fat in the wrong places are everywhere. Fifty years ago they were rare now they are an epidemic.

It all boils down to our guts. They do much more than help us digest our food, all those trillions of cells communicate with each other to create a real brain which regulates our bodies deciding how much and what we want to eat and how much and where we store fat.

They also form part of our immune system. There are good bugs and bad bugs and they are simply everywhere. Every time we breath or eat we take in these good and bad bugs and our bodies just deal with it. Kids with a healthy immune system can get the dreaded Corona virus and not even know they have it, most people get seriously ill but recover while those with a weak immune system are the ones that die.

Having a healthy gut is pretty darn important so it would make sense to look after it and feed it the right gut food. Yet our modern food system is really terrible for our gut health.

I was not a happy man.

On paper that is easy to solve, we know exactly how to grow food that will make our gut healthy and there are plenty of growers, regenerative farmers, who want to grow food which will regenerate their soil and provide us with healthy food.

In the modern age all I had to do was set up a web site where people can buy their food directly from these regenerative farmers. Simple – well not quite.

Right now people can just go to their local supermarket and buy food from all over the world, it is very convenient but people have no idea how the food is grown what are the nutrient levels and when it was picked.

In my vision of an alternative food system people want to know how their food is grown, what are the nutrient levels and what toxic chemical have been used in its production. We need a system where people know for sure what they are buying.

People bodies don’t go rotten until we die – we have an immune system to keep the bad bugs at bay. It is similar with plants, the sooner we eat then after harvesting the more healthy organisms we will have in our guts so we need a system where food is harvested and delivered to our homes that day.

Eating food which is healthy for our guts means we have to avoid to much sugar which feed the bad bugs. We can make food taste good by using herbs but this requires some culinary knowledge.

All these issues can be readily resolve by people working together cooperatively – a key feature of the human species success.

That is why I formed the Gbiota club – a group focused on ensuring a healthy Gut Biota.

So why don’t you join the Gbiota club?