The information age


 Modern technology – the computer, internet, artificial intelligence, automation, robots etc. have created unbelievable wealth. This may not be so obvious to much of the population as this wealth resides in the pockets of a small number of wealthy people who control the mega-corporations.

And worse if you have lost your job from automation.

Food is the most important area which has been affected by technology.

There is no absolute shortage of food.

We produce enough food to feed the entire population now and for the immediate future the problem is quality, distribution, equality and sustainability.

There is incredible waste in the food system.

Some 40% of the food actually grown is wasted on farm, in distribution and at home.

Much of this waste leads to methane in the atmosphere – one of the most potent green house gases.

But most critical is that the loss of top soil which is being lost at an alarming rate.

It is estimated that we only have sixty years of top soil left.

Yet recycling our waste and storing carbon in the soil is one of the most effective way of safeguarding our future food supply and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere.

There is far more carbon in the soil than in the atmosphere yet agriculture is a major emitter of carbon when it could be a major absorber of carbon safeguarding our future food supply and combating atmospheric carbon.

On the basis of justice our food supply should be decided by ‘we the people’.

And we have the power, it is called the power of the wallet – no one orders us on what we eat – we choose.

It just needs a social movements so we act in coordination.

That’s what Gbiota food is all about.

Gbiotafood is a social movement.

We don’t sell anything but we want you to participate in helping us change society for the better.

I want to compare two societies – the blues zones where people are active and health to a ripe old age with our modern society where people die young from chronic diseases.

I talk about the differences in their foods, but there is an even greater difference – in the blue zones every person works for the benefit of the community whereas our society runs on the profit motive.

Profit may work when selling handbags or tea shirts but has been a disaster for our foods and health. We really have no idea what is in our food, how it is grown and processed from the soil to the table. Worse, the information society in which we live allows manipulation of our brains so we think we are eating healthy food when  in fact it is damaging our bodies.

My aim is to use the internet to create a system of open disclosure where consumers, growers, cafes and all those involved with the complex process of food production can showcase their part in the food system so consumers can buy their food based on honest and reliable information.

But it is not just the growers who need to disclose information, buyers also need to register to show their interest in buying healthy food.

You can’t expect growers to change their growing practises and disclose their information unless people have indicated their support for regenerative growers.

You can read how we safeguard your information on the registration page.

I hope you can support me – the first step is to register you support for this project.

Compare two societies.

The first is the blue zones where people not only live into their nineties or hundred but are active in their old age.

You can see really old people street dancing and enjoying their old age.

They are not just healthy, they are happy living in a supportive society.

The second is our society where you and I live.

Across the globe people are suffering from a bad diet leading to the ‘fat in the wrong places’ diseases of diabetes, obesity and dementia.

The scale of this global health epidemic is staggering – every twelve seconds someone has a limb amputated from diabetes which is also the most common cause of blindness.

Obesity leads to early death from heart attack while dementia is just plain horrible for everyone.

These are man made diseases created by poor food lacking essential nutrients and biology.

What makes these societies so different

The blue zone societies are close knit and caring communities.

People actually care and look after each other – not for their direct benefit but for the benefit of living in a caring society. People treat each other as people.

With the advent of the information age we cannot say that about our society.


The various blue zone societies all eat different foods but they have on thing in common.

They all have a high plant food diet but more important they grow their plants in healthy biologically active soil by recycling all their waste. This acts as both a pro- and pre-biotics so they all have a healthy gut biology which naturally regulate what and how much they want to eat without worrying about special diets.

Our diets are full of fats and sugars but low in essential trace mineral and active biology, which coupled with the use of toxins means we have poor gut health which fails to regulate our bodies so we overeat on fat and sugary foods.


But why do we eat such harmful food?

It goes right back to the nature of our society. The modern information age has given a few people immense power to manipulate our thinking with the cleverest and smartest campaigns the world has seen.

No normal sensitive person would persuade one of their friends to eat food that will end up with them becoming a blind cripple and dying young from a heart attack. They just would not think about it.

But the modern information age has dehumanised society, we are no longer people – we are numbers in a data base and this is the prime cause for our modern health epidemic.

Pioneer of the information age

I was a pioneer of the information age.

I was recognised as among the top one hundred innovators in Australia for my pioneering work on computer aided engineering.

But I, and many of my co – innovators believe that if we have the good fortune to be successful innovators we have a responsibility to ensure that our innovations benefit society as a whole.

Social responsibility must override the profit motive.

We are just so unbelievably wealthy (or should be)

I fear that too few people realise the improvements in manufacturing industry that have led to stunning increases in our ability to produce products faster and cheaper than ever. In fact I wrote a book about this called “Faster, better cheaper”.

Our technology means that all modern societies are wealthy beyond our imagination, it is just that the wealth is often hidden in the pockets of the rich.

I feel disappointment that so much of this improvement in productivity should flow to the mega corporations which have a neo-monopoly on technology but certainly not enough for me to want to start a social revolution.

What made me change

That is until my wife, a medical doctor became diabetic and was well on the road to becoming a blind cripple.

We were told that diabetes was a chronic disease, meaning there was no cure, it would get steadily worse requiring progressively stronger medication and she would probably die young of a heart attack.

How could this be with all our modern technology?

We soon learned of the high level of research into diabetes being carried out around the world and just how effective simple changes in diet can be in reversing these diseases.

And for the record she is now fit and healthy.

But how could this happen in a wealthy and caring society?

The answer is that we may well be a wealthy society – but wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few.

And as for caring – the high tech information age which I helped pioneer has undermined the innate feature of humanity that we care for each other.

Manipulation and deception

Just look at how we are manipulated and deceived. We are bombarded with really clever adverts of for example beautiful young people playing in a water fall.

These are professional actors carefully selected for their body shape.

Then the pictures are carefully photo shopped to create  the insinuation that if you eat or drink whatever product is being advertised, usually loaded with sugar, that you will end up like the young and beautiful playing in a water fall.

This is a fundamental lie.


They are just playing with our brains. The food products they are advertising are typically full of fats and sugars which will lead to us ending up in a wheel chair with our legs chopped off from diabetes.

Is this part of a caring, compasionate society?

The only caring is about the multi million dollar bonus some executive in a mega corporation will receive.

That is not my idea of a caring society so I ask you to join with me in helping to create a caring society where people have access to genuinely healthy food which will let them lead a long and active life like we can see in the blue zones.

Change happens

If twenty years ago I were to have told you that in 2020 school kids from the poorest countries in the world would be having video conversations across the globe for basically free you would have written me of as some form of nutter.

Yet is has happened.

If I were to say that if there had never been any coal in the world that engineers would have found a way of generating power which was equally if not more effective than we have now you may say that is ridiculous – and you would be wrong.

I am an engineer and recognised as one of Australia’s leading innovators, I have been studying and experimenting with how we grow our food and for many years. I can tell you that we have the technology to resolve the epidemic of fat in the wrong places diseases of diabetes, obesity and dementia you may not believe me – that is your right – but it is still true.

Across the globe people are suffering from a bad diet leading to the ‘fat in the wrong places’ diseases.

The scale of this global health epidemic is staggering – every twelve seconds someone has a limb amputated from diabetes which is also the most common cause of blindness.

These are man made diseases created by poor food lacking essential nutrients and biology.

We have the technology and know how to resolve the problem. Yet we just stnd bye and watch.

Is this the world we want our grandchildren to grow up in?

There are already regenerative farmers who full understand the damage we a doing to our health and our environment by a food system focused purely on profit. They are fully capable of providing the health food we need. We have the technology we just need to make the social change.


That does not mean waving placards in front of Parliament House it just means groups of people working together in a cooperative way – what humans beings are very good at.

The aim of the Gbiota club, which is open to anyone who shares our views, growers, consumers, cafes, local gardening clubs etc  is to bring them together in an alternative food system so people can enjoy food which is genuinely healthy at an affordable price.

When we show how effective this approach is – others will follow.

The clash of two societies

It may seem we have to choose between the two societies – the health benefit of the blue zone or the wealth and entertainment of our modern society and suffer the manipulation and deceptive advertising.

I have lived in both.

I was a pioneer of the computer revolution, I learned how to write software to solve complex partial differential equations, the company I formed became the leading exporter or technical software from Australia, a multi million dollar multi national company.

I have also lived a life similar to the Blue zones, based on self sufficiency, permaculture while living in an eco-village.


I have false knee, made from foamed titanium to have a similar stiffness to my bones – a marvel of modern technology. It is simply amazing – who wants to give up the benefits of modern medical technology? I see many crippled men in traditional societies with little access to medical skills.

I have visited many traditional societies to study their agriculture and developed the Gbiota bed system. It uses significantly less water than traditional irrigation systems, it recycles waste material to extract their nutrients and is far more productive than traditional agriculture growing more food and using less inputs than either traditional or modern agriculture.

With 7.8 billion people in the world we need all the productivity and sustainability that modern technology can provide.

Yet in our modern farming system we are destroying our top soil on which life depends at an alarming rate.

Storing carbon in the soil and recycling nutrient are the keys to sustainable agriculture and are key weapons in fighting climate change.

Yet because of our myopic finance dominated society we are destroying our means of long term survival.


For our species to survive we need the best that modern technology can provide.

The two key reasons why we are such a successful species is our intelligence and our cooperation with other humans.

But technology must work for the benefit of society as a whole and not just a handful of already wealthy individual and corporations.

But in the modern information technology age this is not happening – so we have to change our society.

What I am proposing is just one small but important step. I want to use modern information technology to enable consumers to buy directly from regenerative farmers who understand the importance of maintaining their soils for the future.

But to get this to work I need people to show their commitment saying that given the opportunity they will buy from these regenerative farmers.


Once it is clear there is a significant number of people who understand the importance of regenerative farming for their health and the future of the planet then the service providers, the farmers, deliver companies, cafes, medical advisers will self organise to provide the needed services. But we need the numbers first.

We should do it because it is the right thing to do – but it will probably work out cheaper as we avoid all the waste and advertising costs in our modern food system.

Pleased understand that I am not at all happy that my wife was on the road to becoming a blind cripple from diabetes because of sugar loaded food disguised as being healthy.

I am not at all happy that my grandchildren may not have access to healthy food and may end up blind cripples.

I am not at all happy that every twelve second some one in the world has a limb chopped off because of diabetes when most people could reverse their diabetes (or better not get it at all) if they just ate the right food.

I am not at all happy that rich people are getting even richer by manipulating the truth so we buy food that makes us sick.

So please – help me change this broken system.

But one man being not being happy does not change society – it needs many people to say

“this is not the society I want to live in”

and if enough people say that then we will get change.

But I need you to look at the information I provide on this and my other webs then say

“Yes I want to buy from a regenerative farmer,”

and then tell your friends, and ask them to tell their friends about this social movement. Then we can make it happen.

Join the Gbiota club

When people join the club they become part of a social group where buyers can search through the list of growers to find one who has an acceptable quality control system, search to find a transport member who can organise delivery, maybe search to find someone who has cooking or support skills, or if they don’t want to buy and cook themselves search for a restaurant they can go to where Gbiota food is prepared for them, and maybe eaten in a socially supportive environment.

Next read technology looks at how technology and paradigm shift actually occur in the information age

So please register here.

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