Health starts in the soil

The trillions of cells in our guts do far more than digest our food, they form part of an intelligent control system which manages our bodies, in particular how much and where we store fat.

We need to store fat, that is what our bums are for, they are round and chubby to store essential fats. But if our control system is not working properly we store fat in the wrong places, in our vital organs, particularly the pancreas when we become diabetic, in our brains when we get dementia or anywhere and every where when we become obese.

Science has yet to work out how this intelligent control system really works.

Partly because we are all on a spectrum, some people can eat whatever they like and always stay skinny, others can be fanatical about their diet and still end up fat.

But we can study the blue zones where people not only live to a ripe old age but are fit and healthy in old age. These blue zones are all over the world but they have one thing in common – they all eat vegetables grown in nutrient rich, biologically active soil free of toxic chemicals. This diet has clearly moved the spectrum so more people are healthy.

The Gbiota bed technology were developed based on on observations of traditional societies to enhance gut health. Eating food grown in a Gbiota bed does not guarantee that you will cure diabetes, avoid dementia or avoid getting fat but it may improve the odds. But is is very easy to test for a particular individual if it is changing your gut biota and your intelligent control system.

I am a natural pig, I love good food and get food cravings. But every morning I have a green smoothy made from Gbiota food. This two minute video shows how. I stop feeling hungry and having food cravings and I know it is changing my gut biota by the number of times and ease of going to the toilet.

You can test is yourself. The Gbiota technology is in the public domain under the Creative Commons system. Read more. If you are into gardening you can make your own Gbiota bed.

If this is not your scene you can form a local group and persuade a local grower to set up a system for you, although the grower has to follow certain procedures to ensure quality control when offering Gbiota food for sale to the public.

There is a mass of information on this web site in the pages (how to) and posts section on the menu and on the sister web site on how the way we grow our food affects our health but if you want more information contact me at

Community supported agriculture

But around the world there is a growing movement of community supported agriculture where the community and farmers work together, you can read about this global movement at

There are many schemes but the system we promote is very simple. Form a local community or group from;-

biofoodies – that is people who want to eat food grown in nutrient rich biologically active soil, free of chemical toxins.

regenies – regenerative farmers who focus on the quality of their living soil and

groupies who really run the group and organise the group and system where the biofoodies order produce on line from multiple regenies so the produce is collected from the regenies farms in the morning and delivered to the homes of the biofoodies in the afternoon.

Steps in creating community supported agriculture

– find groupies to start and run group

– recruit biofoodies to establish buying power

– recruit regenies to grow produce

– community decide what plants they want

– regenies plant and grow selected varieties and place on web

– biofoodies place orders

– groupies organise boxing (van)

– van visited every farm placing each order in box

– van delivers produce to biofoodies home

If this interest you please email me at indicating whether you may wish to participate as a biofoodie, regenie or groupie or all and indicate the locality in which you live.

 This video explains why and how