Why I created this website

My wife Xiulan became diabetic, she began to loose her site and fell down a flight of stairs breaking several bones in her foot. When it started to turn black the doctors talked about amputation. Being a blind cripple is no fun but my wife is a doctor and understood that food plays a major role in diabetes.

I developed the Gbiota beds so she could eat healthy food, full of nutrient, trace minerals and biology and her diabetes reversed. And she can see, walk and dance which see very much likes.

Every twelve second someone in the world has a leg amputated, many of these could be avoided if people had access to food rich in phyto – nutrients, minerals and biology.

The aim of this web site is to link people who want to eat healthy food with regenerative farmers.

Food for health

The way we grow our food affects our health. We need energy, a wide range of minerals and beneficial bugs. Good bugs are critical – they break down our food to make it
accessible to our bodies, they help control by out competing the bad bugs which would otherwise make us sick or kill us and they play a crucial part of the system which controls our bodies – particularly appetite so we eat enough of the right sort of food but not to much of the food which leads to non-infectious diseases like obesity and diabetes.

Over many millions of years an ecological balance between bugs, plants and animals has evolved. The plants capture the energy from the sun which drives life, they provide sugars and energy to the soil biology which in turn break down mineral in the soil and make them available to the plants. Animals may eat plants but they help distribute seeds and work the soil to help germination while fertilising the soil with their manure.

This is a system in stable ecological balance which has been stable for millions of years. But we, with misapplication of our technology have developed an agricultural system which kills of kill of the beneficial bugs toxic chemicals and depletes the minerals in the soil. This has lead to what has been dubbed the black death of the twenty first century, the current health epidemic on non infectious disease like obesity, diabetes, strokes, dementia etc.

Many farmers well understand this and have developed technologies which improve the quality and productivity of the soil largely by recycling waste organic material and growing food which makes us healthy they call it regenerative farming.

Many people worry about climate change but the food crisis presents an even bigger threat to our species – although or course the are connected.
There is nothing intrinsically wrong with technology and anyway we cannot un-invent things but we can make sure that technology works for our benefit rather than harm.

Now my life has revolved around technology – I was a pioneer in the early days of computers and the company I founded, Moldflow grew to become Australia’s leading exporter of technical software – a multi million dollar highly profitable company.
But I felt I wanted to devote my innovative capabilities to be more socially beneficial. I pioneered Wicking Beds which have now become universal and I have evolved into Gbiota beds which provide highly nutritious, mineral and biological active food while recycling organic material which would otherwise go to waste.

But an even more important is the pickandeat project which aims to link people who understand the importance of eating healthy food with regenerative farmers so they can buy directly from them at an economic price. It is in effect an e-farmers market.

It provides an alternative to the chemical industrial agricultural where people select their food based on knowing the farmer and how the food is grown rather than just the appearance on a supermarket shelf.

I am not a cute teenage girl like Greta Thurnberg I am an old man – almost eighty – but I hope you will support this socially important project.

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