Corruption of our

intelligent control system


Why is it that we are in the midst of a health crisis?

What I call the fat in the wrong places epidemic of diabetes, dementia, obesity with their associated side effects yet there seems so little public reaction.

These are man made diseases caused by corruption of our intelligent control system which has evolved over millions of years into a highly sophisticated system which manages how much and where we store our fats.

But we are now starving and poisoning our gut brain, which forms an essential part of this intelligent control system. The facts are clear – but where is the social action as we have with climate change, plastic litter, animal rights etc which whatever your views have certainly created social action.

Surely, as a compassionate and cooperative species, we should ensure everyone has access to a diet that makes them healthy.

The health of the people should take priority over corporate profits.

Yet diabetics, on the road to becoming a blind cripple, obese people heading for an early death from heart attack – compliantly take their pills as though there were no alternative when there clearly is – in the food we eat. Why?


One explanation is that we are all so different, some people are totally immune to these disease and will never get fat or diabetic whatever they eat or do. Others will become diabetic even with the best possible diet.


But what we have done, with our food and toxins, is to shift the distribution so whereas fifty years ago there was just a very small minority of people suffering – now the bulk of the population has been pushed into the at risk zone.

Being at risk of becoming a blind cripple and dying young from heart disease does not seem to be adequate motivation for people to want action, and by the time people are in the waiting room to have their legs chopped off it is too late.

The pills and potions used to treat these diseases only treat the symptoms, we need to treat the root cause – corruption of our intelligent control system.

Medical science has made great strides in identifying the key hormones, like ghrelin and leptin, which our bodies use as part of our intelligent control system, but these are just the messengers. We still has to unravel the complex logic which actually takes the decisions.

We can study evolution to get some indication of this decision making process. We can see that for millions of years our predecessors ate wild plants to feed our gut biology, and we can study the computer science of artificial intelligence to gain an impression of how it may work.

But we can be sure from the millions of years of our evolution, until the last few decades, that our intelligent control system was highly effective in managing our bodies.

We can be equally sure that a diet which included wild plants played a key role.  The change in the our diets over the last few decades is a key factor in the failure of our intelligent control system and the consequent health epidemic.

But we cannot feed a population of 7.8 billion people on wild plants. But we can study ecology to understand how the balance of plants (and animals) worked together as an effective and sustainable system.

This has led to the development of the Gbiota bed which aims to restore our gut biology.

The information on how to build Gbiota beds is available, free of charge for home gardeners under the Creative Commons systems. But there is a quid pro quo in they are expected to monitor the effect on their hunger cravings and if the results are positive to act as advocates to spread the word to those that lack the time, skill or land to grow their own food.

But home gardeners, by themselves, are not going to create a healthy society. We need to establish an alternative food system to supply Gbiota produce to the wider society.

This will probably start with tree changers who see an opportunity to help improve the society in which we live, and earn honest money, by providing Gbiota produce to those who cannot be self sufficient.

Hopefully this will then spread to the enlightened regenerative farmers who see the damage being done to our soils by industrial chemical farming.

This website make no effort to be populist and is targeted to the people who are prepared to put the effort into understanding how they can protect their intelligent control system and are prepared to take the action needed to protect their food supply.

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